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October 22, 2014

AQWednesday Newsletter

Prepare for Battle in the Blood & Blades Finale happening this Friday, October 24th!

vampire battle online Adventure Multiplayer Game

Are YOU ready to decide who will take the Darkovian Throne?

  • Choose between Lady Solani, Gravefang, Baron Luca, or Elder Rapaxi
  • Fight for your chosen leader to cast your votes
  • Solani currently in the lead—but Gravefang and Luca are not far behind!

This is browser RPG history in the making—and the Darkovian Vampire Throne is ready for the taking!

Sink your teeth (and fangs) into more details by clicking here.

Special Offer: Dark DragonMaster

Best RPG armor for MMO AdventureQuest Worlds Dark Dragon Master

Gold is good, but AdventureCoins are so much better! And when you stock up on ACs in the best RPG, you can become the Dark DragonMaster, too!

  • Exclusive Dark DragonMaster Set
  • Buy either a 12,000 or 5,000 AC package to unlock Set
  • Offer begins Friday Oct 24th @ 12:01 AM EST

Spoiler alert: next month, the world will find out more about DragonMasters, but this is your 1st chance to become a Dark DragonMaster!

Become a Dark DragonMaster this Friday by clicking here!

DING! Level Cap Increased!

Level cap increase to 65 in best Adventure MMORPG

You have all been asking for it—and finally here it is!

  • The best Adventure MMORPG just got better with the Level Cap Raised to 65
  • Show off your newfound powers and strength
  • No beast is foolish enough to stand in you way!
  • Will you be the 1st Hero in all of Lore to reach level 65?

Well that sounds like a challenge to me. So brandish your blade, conjure your spells, and witness the massive power that Level 65 brings!

Next Week: Edgar Allan Poe Special Event

Online Multiplayer Game special event Edgar Allan Poe on Halloween

Friday the 31st is next week, and you know what that means: it’s Mogloween, full of brand new tricks and treats!

  • Voice acted by Voltaire, famous Goth Musician
  • Unique AQW twists on Edgar Allan Poe’s stores: The Fall of the House of Usher, The Cask of Amontillado, & The Raven
  • Don’t just read through… fight through these 3 classic tales of terror!
  • Tons of new items, monsters, maps, cutscenes, and more!
  • Event begins Friday, October 31, at sundown at

Check back here tomorrow for spooktacular spoilers about this Edgar Allan Poe video game event!  


October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday AQW

Level Cap Raised to 35!

AdventureQuest Worlds has turned 2 years old today! In addition to the 2nd Upholder Offer (which lasts until November 2nd),  the special AQW Birthday Event hosted by Paul and Storm, featuring Jonathan Coulton, and adding 10 more purchasable backpack item slots (speak to Valencia in Battleon to buy yours!) we have also just raised the level cap to 35!

A few things to note: New Enhancements will be added to the game early next week, and remember that you can only get XP from monsters within twenty levels of your own level. So if you are level 30, you will only get XP from things higer than level 10.

Some people have noticed that the Undead Artix's legendary weapon, the Shadowreaper of DOOM, is a NON-MEMBER item even though it drops from Super Udead Artix, a MEMBER-ONLY challenge fight and want to know the score.

Since a lot of our 2nd Upholders from around the globe have decided to only upgrade for a month (where available) we wanted them to take something away from the membership other than the Onyx Star Sword and the 2nd Upholder Badge on their character page. A little bonus for helping to keep AQW alive and celebrating our birthday with us!

Remember, the event will be running until NEXT FRIDAY. If you decide support AQW by becoming a 2nd Upholder (and we hope you do :) ) you will have an entire week to get the Shadowreaper of DOOM (along with the member-only event rares)!

P.S. Tomorrow is Rolith's Birthday!

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