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August 08, 2018

Inventory Management Help!


Are you one of the players who has stacks of 0AC tagged misc items clogging your bank and/or inventory?  Have you been dreading the amount of time it will take to get rid of them, so you keep putting it off?  And then more and more stack up?

Then today is your lucky day!  Live now on the PTR servers, you can delete 0AC misc items the same as any other item!  Yes, you can delete the full stacks!  

We’ve also made sure that you cannot accidentally delete that treasured 0AC tagged sword/armour/helm/cape as well.  

This feature is only available on the PTR servers.  That’s Testing Server and Testing Server 2.  

Head over today to get rid of all your unwanted stacks!


December 13, 2011

Tomorrow is my Birthday!

Pink Shenanigans, +20 Inventory Bag Increase, and Expansion of Vasalkar’s Lair. Yup. Wednesday is looking pretty sweet!

Another year has just flown on by! Like, seriously—where did the time go?! I think someone activated the African Swallow speed setting. /shakes fist! Turn it back to Llama speed!

…did anyone get that joke? Bonus points if you get the reference—and if you don’t, then I have really aged myself just now =p

Right! Moving onwards from my old-lady rant… tomorrow is my birthday, so naturally I would have a Birthday Shop full of pink goodies.



But there’s more to it! My shop has got some of my favorite items found throughout the game dyed hot pink! Get your pink mits on the Pinkest Platinum Wings, Pink Strike Scythe, Baby Pink Dragon Pet, Amaranth Reavers (the Undead Legion is going to KILL me!), Astralnomically Pink Wings, Carmine Cutter, Shocking Pink Caster Staff, Magenta’s Costume, and the Adorable Pink Blade of Cuteness!

All the items in my shop cannot be bought with gold. They cannot be bought with ACs either. Some items are Member Only, and others are available for everyone. My birthday shop is a Merge Shop, meaning that you have to trade things in in order to get those pink-a-licious items!

Beleen merge shoppy

You’re going to need the original Weapon, Cape, Pet, or Armor (currently found somewhere within the game) in addition to stacks of Fuchsia Dye and/or Magenta Dye that can be earned from completing my challenging Scavenger Hunt Quests.

It’s like a Scavenger Hunt on top of 5 different Scavenger Hunt Quests!

I don’t think that’s ever been done before. Ever. Until now. Tehehe, this is going to be so much fun! 

Real Life Birthday Presents

The other day, I received two presents in the mail from our friend and fellow player SUBMEOBI: the +4 Helm of Holiday Cheer and the Pink Bunny Slippers of DOOM. Because of SUBMEOBI’s kindness, thoughtfulness, and ability to make me smile every single day, the Helm of Holiday Cheer and the DoomKnightgown armor were created by Dage the (not so) Evil so that everyone who plays and supports AQWorlds could enjoy SUBMEOBI’s gift! =D

Beleen and Beleen!

Thank you SUBMEOBI! The DoomKnightgown and the Helm of Holiday Cheer will be available in my Birthday Merge Shop for a handful of Magenta and Fuchsia Dye. I hope you all enjoy these gifts as much as I do!!!!

Inventory Increase

What’s better than getting a bunch of presents for my birthday? Why, how about… getting an inventory bag increase to store all my presents in! YEEEAAAH!

Come tomorrow, you can purchase an additional 20 Inventory Spaces for you Bag, for a maximum total of 120 Slots. That’s A LOT. It’s a good thing you’ve been working out, because lugging around 120 weapons, armors, & pets could prove quite challenging for those without adequate upper body strength! /flex

Vasalkar’s Lair Expansion

Get ready, Members! The expansion of Vasalkar’s Lair arrives tomorrow!

Spoiler Alert!

Journey to the heart of the volcano and meet Duncan the Dragonhunter. Once a former Dragonslayer who fought side-by-side with Galanoth, Duncan will send you into the dragon’s lair to see if you’re worthy of the great hunt. You will have to make a choice that will determine the outcome of the story… and will determine which rewards you receive!

You don’t want to miss it! You don’t want to miss ANY of this! So make sure your Membership is up to date, get your Anti-Pink Protective Eyeglasses ready, and prepare yourself for the best Wednesday of the entire year! ^___^


January 28, 2011

Ctrl + Alt + Del Event

The Winter-een-mas event is LIVE!

2 weeks of work, voice acting from Warlic (Ethan), Thyton (Lucas), Nythera (Lilah), Me (Zeke) and Korin (RPG), 2 new music tracks from Warlic, 5 new cutscenes co-authored by myself and Tim Buckley (creator of Ctrl + Alt Del) animated by Miltonius and myself, 3 new maps and several new CAD NPCs from J6, 14 quests from Beleen, 7 monsters from Miltonius and Skyline, and 26 brand new items, armors and pets from Dage, Skyline, Miltonius, J6 and me.


Some of you were there to grab the rares as soon as we released the pre-release area, giving you a sneak peek of the entire event, and a LOT MORE of you showed up just now when the full release went live!

Winter-een-mas is a holiday JUST for gamers and we are VERY happy to celebrate with you guys. Here at AE we're all big-time gamers and that love of video games connects us to you guys. Thanks for being a part of this event and special Thanks to Ctrl + Alt + Del for making this event possible.

If you complete the event you will recieve the Ctrl + Alt+ Deleted Achievement Badge on your Character Page and in your Book of Lore. The Event will last one week, after that the Rares shop will vanish forever and the event itself will turn into a Member Only area and take all of it's many item drops with it.

Inventory Increase!

After weeks of Zhoom and Minimal breaking their respective backs trying to find a way to get you guys some more inventory space we have finally delivered. Inventories have increased to 100 and bank size has increased to 250!

As promised, we gave EVERY CHARACTER 10 additional inventory spaces ABSOLUTELY FREE (If you just now made your character, sorry, you missed out).

The prices have not changed, BUT we have added 2 more new achievements to the Book of Lore... Maxed Out for getting all 100 Inventory Spaces, and Superhuman Vault for getting all 250 bank slots. *correction, the badges will get sorted out on Monday*

It would cose a LOT of ACs to get both of these items and we don't expect many people will ever get them, but if you are a SERIOUS collector who really NEEDS that space... just know that those two badges are waiting for you.

Other News!

We have released EVEN MORE Player Suggestion items this week, and Dage has release another item in his shop.

Epic Duel Shirts!

If you're a fan of our game, EpicDuel or just a fan of PvP then have WE GOT A SHIRT FOR YOU!

These brand new EpicDuel shirts are now ripe for the bying on HeroMart. They come in one glorius colors (shade, actually), Black but they also come with an AQW Achievement for your Character Page and Book of Lore plus the Color Custom Cyber Hunter armor, and an EpicDuel Achievement!


AEXtras is still a great way to get FREE ADVENTURECOINS and even FREE BATTLEON POINTS, and with new Inventory, Bank slots and Event rares to buy there's never been a better time!

 Just CLICK HERE to get started!

Or, You can jump onto your Master Account and start earning free BattleOn Games Points using AExtras and use those Points to get stuff in ANY of our games!


January 20, 2011

Ctrl + Alt + Del and Inventory News

Winter-een-mas Is Coming To AQW!

You may have already seen on the AQ.COM homepage, or maybe you heard over Twitter but the popular web comic all about gaming is joining forces with AQW in a special event NEXT FRIDAY (Jan 28th).

This Special Event was co-authored by Tim Buckley (Writer/Artist/Creator of CAD) and me, with voice acting by some of the BattleOn Games staff and original music from Warlic!

The last week of January is a very special time of year for CAD fans... it's Winter-een-mas, a holiday just for gamers! But this Winter-een-mas something has is not quite right (Well, ok... the whole holiday isn't quite right). The Winter-een-mas Crown has been stolen and Ethan, Lucas, Lilah and Zeke need your help to get it back!

There will be Winter-een-mas rare items pulled directly from the pages (web pages) of Ctrl + Alt + Del plus some stuff you've never seen before!

Where: In-game at

When: Friday, January 28th, 2011, starting at Sundown-ish EST

Who: Ethan, Lucas, Lilah and Zeke from Ctrl + Alt + Del, the AE Team, you, and 22 Million of our closest friends

Why: To celebrate Winter-een-mas, score some uber Event Rare items, and play the FIRST special in-game event of the New Year!

WARNING: Some of the content in the webcomic is NOT family friendly, and BattleOn Games assumes no responsibility for the content in the comic but we PROMISE that this IN-GAME EVENt will be acceptable for all audiences.

For the fans of the comic, you'll get to adventure with the Ctrl + Alt + Del cast of characters. For people who hate the comic, you get to beat up at least one of the main characters. If you're just a fan of AQW then this will be another great AQW event with an Event Rare Shop which will vanish after the event and lots of items in the event itself (which will go MEMBER ONLY after the close of the event), and if you hate AQW... then why are you reading this?

Inventory Update Update

Which is to say, this is an update regarding the inventory update which Artix talked about a little while ago. You see there where Artix says "We cannot make any promises yet -- but if things go as planned..."?

 Well, things did not run according to plan. 

If you do the math you will see that infinite storage space would cause you terrible lag when you were logging into the game, eventually crash your game, eventually crash the game and eventually destroy our servers. It's just not possible.

Minimal and Zhoom HAVE been able to make some pretty vast improvememnts to the inventory system. Again, no promises but here's what we're working on now.

  • Increasing the Inventory to 100 Max purchasable space (no price change).
  • Increasing the Bank to 300 Max purchasable space (no price change).

That's 400 total items plus unlimited AC storage (which will, in time, do all of those horrible things I mentioned earlier but it will take much MUCH longer). It's a pretty huge increase from the total 135 current spaces but still Artix is pretty broken up about not being able to provide you with infinite storage. It's a dream we were all shooting for. He wanted to do something nice for everyone to make up for not being able to make that impossible dream a reality. I suggested giving everyone 5 free inventory spaces.

He said no.

Instead he has decided that we are going to give everyone (member and non-member alike) 10 FREE INVENTORY SPACES as soon as these inventory changes go live. It doesn't matter if you are a Founder or just started playing yesterday... if you have an AQW character then they are getting 10 FREE SPACES to store things in their backpack.

So... as of right now, we will be giving away 248,031,430 backpack inventory spaces, in total. See why storage space on our servers is an issue?

We will keep you posted on how testing is going and when to expect the inventory expansion and your free storate spots. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Tomorrow's Release!

Once more, deep beneath the floors of Battleon, Yara has uncovered the hidden path to a new deeper layer of the BattleUnder Dungeon!

You will need to solve an interesting puzzle just to access this new area, but once there you will see some new interesting monsters and Yara will have brand new items to offer brave adventurers who can survive the depths!

We also have another Plaayer Suggestion Update with several new weapons and a new Armor, pulled directly from the pages of our Forums.

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