Design Notes

October 26, 2015

This Friday: The CruxShadows Halloween 2015 Event

Join Musical Guests The CrüxShadows for a Killer 5-Act Halloween In-Game Event!

Music has the power to reach across the world and change lives. That is the mission of internationally-famous darkwave sensation, The CruxShadows. This Halloween, join the band, the entire AdventureQuest Worlds team, and tens of thousands of your closest friends for the ultimate in-game concert in the Sandsea desert! This event is available for all players. 

WHAT: Join musical guest stars The CrüxShadows for the ULTIMATE 5-act in-game concert experience
WHEN: Friday, October 30th, 2015 at sundown... the night before Halloween!
WHO: Join tens of thousands of your fellow heroes and the Artix Entertainment team!
WHERE: In-Game, at AdventureQuest WorldsWHY: Because a KILLER in-game concert is better than the sweetest Mogloween treat!

Event Features!

  • 5 acts of music, monsters, and mayhem
  • Featuring the music of The CruxShadows
  • An all-new minigame
  • A MONSTROUS new threat plus TWO new mini-bosses
  • An event rares shop, a merge shop, monster drops PLUS new gear in hte seasonal Mogloween shop!

Follow The CruxShadows!

If you are a long-time fan of The CruxShadows, these links will be very familiar to you! If you are not, though, you should follow them and check out their music (like their new album, linked below) - it is really inspiring, but with a dark feel that hits home.

Evolved Pumpkinlord Class is coming!

For years, heroes have been asking us to release an evolved version of the Pumpkinlord Class, and THIS is the year! Dage has been working on the art, while Zereldo (one of our Class Designers) and Arklen have the skills tested and ready to go!

The Class, Armor, and Helm will be available in three ways:

  • To all players for 2000 AdventureCoins (if you do not want to farm) 
  • As a member-only drop Great Pumpkin King
  • For members in the Mogloween Merge Shop for Glowing Pumpkinseeds

This gear will ONLY be available during Mogloween each year, so don't miss out!

Birthday Wishes PS: 

Thank you, all for the birthday wishes! The kind comments, pictures, and well-wishes are why I sincerely believe we have the best online gaming community on the internet. We've developed a real bond building these games alongside each other week after week! 

Though I've never had a birthday shop before, I think this year is a good time to start. And because we GIVE presents on our birthdays here at AE... the Poison's Kiss blade released today in the Alina's Armory shop in the Alchemy Academy.

This weapon is avalailable for all players and requires rank 10 Alchemy rep plus completion of the Poisonbane Saga (talk to the Alina NPC to begin!). If I get some extra time later this week, I'd like to toss a birthday hat on the ferret pet, (because the only place I dress up our ferret pets is IN the game) for our rare gear lovers! 

You guys are the best, and the reason why I love what I do. Thank you all for battling alongside us, and me, as we build AQWorlds each week!

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