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May 01, 2014

Beleen Sings!

The 100% Tone-Deaf Pinkomancer sings a song about Account Protection, Hackers, and Password Security!

Hi I'm Beleen, and I'm singing a song about the terms and the rules so we can all get along. Having your account hacked, I think you'd agree, is uber lame, so sing this song with me!

When you share your password

Your account will get hacked

All your stuff will get stolen

And they won't give it back


So when another player

Asks your password

You know that they're a hacker

And their claims are absurd


They wont give you gold

Nor will they make you Mod

so when they claim these things

You know it's a fraud!


Your password is a secret

So be prepared 

To /report anyone

Who wants you to share.


‘Cuz they will steal your account 

And they wont give it back

So you gatta keep it smart

And /report them, stat!


So now it's up to you 

And every boy and girl

To never share your password

For AQ Worlds!

Click here to watch the full sized full video! And be sure to leave a comment in YouTube and share with your friends! (But don’t share your password!)

xoxo Beleen! =D


October 07, 2010

Calm before the Paul & Storm

The 10-10-10 Weekend Event starts tomorrow!

I still cannot believe that Jonathan Coulton is going to be in the event! If only we had more time... with only a week to put together this HUGE event the AQWorld's team is once again in super overdrive. Like last time, they are challenged to create an entire month's worth of releases in a single week. So please wish good luck to Cysero, J6, Miltonius, Beleen and to the rising stars that are now helping them. Wait, is wishing good luck actually bad like in the Theater? Should we tell them to break a leg? Oh, I know. Break some code guys!

For the record... 10-10-10 (101010) in binary = 42. Which means AQWorld's Birthday is on the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything!

HeroMart.... shhhhhh!

HeroMart, our bizzare online store featuring our first Music CD, The NPCs: Critical Hits, and the ChickenCow T-shirt being publically released next Wednesday! ...but you can secretly access the live, working, store before anyone else if you go to Http:// and click on the blue gem in Robina's necklace. Shhhh. Secret.

Movie Question

In other news I went to lunch with a director, 20 some actors, producers and other film peoples yesterday. I got to sit next to the boy who starred in the Chucky movie! Of course he is much older now O_O. I should have asked him if he still plays with dolls. Anyways, I have wierd yet serious question for you... should I take a roll in a serious horror film as a mobster zombie? As a dedicated undead slayer I feel really uneasy about the idea. Although... it would let me get into the mindset of my greatest foe. What are your thoughts?

Hacker gets perma-disconnected

I am not sure if other companies would talk about this, but we are very open and share everything with you. Earlier today, police siezed 6 computers from the home of a AQworlds hacker in another country. This hacker was responsible for many account thefts, credit card fraud and creating game damaging software. We take protecting your accounts and making the game a safe and fun place to play very seriously. We are good people and very sad at this outcome -- especially since we had given this individual chances to stop and just walk away in the past.

Homepage Ad

Wow... there is a giant Optimus Prime and Batman Beyond on our homepage. Apparently we are not the only people celebrating 10.10.10. We have replaced all of our normal ads until Sunday with a site take over for a new TV station called the hub. We approved this when heard they were going to have Fraggle Rock. For Fraggle Rock, we will put up with that terrible blue color they put in their ad. *sings* Down in Fraggle Rock! Hmmmm, uh oh, it looks like the bar at the top of the homepage broke... Miko will be fixing that as soon as she gets back to the Lab. 

Get ready for the big event tomorrow!

We really hope you are excited about the big event tomorrow. We will start updating the play by play on the homepage early tomorrow morning. You can follow everything that happens leading up to the release. Paul & Storm and the AE Team will be online and live during the pre-event. Prepare yourself for.... THE MIRROR REALM! (Read more about the 10-10-10 Event)

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