Design Notes

August 24, 2012

Return to Shadowfall

The Empress Strikes Back!

Together, Good and Evil form the Alliance, but as Chaos continues its attack on Lore, it does not move fast enough for Empress Gravelyn! She has grown tired of waiting for King Alteon to order the attack on Chaos. Tonight, she summons you to Shadowfall to test your loyalty. Will you serve Evil and help the Empress save Lore from Chaos... and then rule it? Or will you remain steadfastly Good?

You'll need to adventure all over Lore, fulfilling the tasks General Tibias and General Cynari set you in Gravelyn's name. Journey all throughout Shadowfall and then to Yokai, Poisonforest, Lair, and Swordhaven!

Your Choice is Final!

At the end of the first cutscene, you will need to choose between Good and Evil... and you cannot change your mind once it has been made! The quests you go on, the cutscenes you watch, and the rewards shop you unlock are all based on the choice you make tonight. Think hard, Hero, because you are deciding how you will interact with Empress Gravelyn for the rest of this storyline!

Evil Allegiance Rewards:

  • Hand of Destruction Armor and Helm
  • The Obfuscated One Armor
  • Blades of Atrocity
  • Dark Stabbers
  • Red Gummi Pet
  • Pink Gummi Pet

Good Allegiance Rewards:

  • Hand of Destiny Armor and Helm
  • The Illuminated One Armor
  • Blades of Excellence
  • Golden Star
  • Green Gummi Pet
  • Blue Gummi Pet

New Time-Travel Gear in Quibble's Shop!

Talk to Quibble in Battleon to see his ALL-NEW Chrono Tripper Armor set and the swankiest, steampunkiest TopHats Lore has ever seen!

  • Chrono Tripper's Armor
  • Chrono Tripper's Helms: Mask, Respirator, Voice Chamber
  • Overclocked and Overgeared Tophat Helms
  • Punky Bowler and Intrepid Explorer
  • Googles and Locks Helm
  • Steamed Goggles Helm
  • Jaunty and Tilted Shorthats

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  1. Go to the Account Manager 
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One more week for the Matomy AExtras Contest!

Our AExtras offer with Matomy is still running! You have until September 2nd to complete at least one offer. The grand prize is a combo pack of the black Artix and Sepulchure action figures! You can also win either 3,000 or 4,500 ACs!

Click here to begin participating in AExtras offers! (Make sure you have a separate email just for doing this.)

WHAT THE?!?!?! Story Questions!

It's already been asked by a lot of you guys, so here are some answers to your release questions:

  • This does NOT take place after Doomwood. Gravelyn has not learned what you do in Doomwood Part II. (So don't tell her!)
  • Stealing candy, betraying villagers, and undeadifying puppies is mean. But you're Evil, so it works out well.
  • To slay the Shadow Munchers, head down the hall to your left. They're in the room with the Shadowy Beings.
  • Join Poisonforest to slay the bandits.
  • ANY monster with Chaos or Chaorrupted in its name will drop the Chaos Gems to get the Chaos Slayer armor!
  • If you do not see the Chaos Slayer quest available, that will be fixed on Monday.
  • YES, your choice is final. IF you choose to ally with Empress Gravelyn, for the remainder of this storyline, you're Evil. It works the same way for Good/Alteon, too.

Meet the AQW Staff List

If you haven't checked out the Lorepedia recently, Beleen's added an AQW Staff List here so you can see the team that makes the game! Get to know the game developers, moderators, and support staff who make sure you have an AEsome time playing AQWorlds!

Coming Next Week: Dragon*Con and Clerics!

Most of the crew at the Lab and some of our off-site staff are all meeting up at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia! If you're in the area, come meet us!

  • Artix Entertainment ALL GAMES Panel:  Saturday @ 5:30pm at the Hilton in Grand Salon E! 
  • Fan Table: We are taking turns running it all weekend. Located... um... wherever all the cool fan tables are.

Because it's a SHOOOOOORT week, we'll be working on the Cleric release this weekend. What secrets does this squeaky-clean Order hide? You'll have to find out next Friday!


March 26, 2012

Poison, Member Class, LQS!

Poison: Good or Evil?

Death. Life. All contained within a single vial - the power of poison. To harm or heal, cure or kill... to be Good or Evil... all contained in a single drop. We all must make choices, and we must all grow into our decisions. Life is not black and white and, as we've seen, neither are alignments. Even the most toxic poison can sometimes cure*.

Lion lion, metal-bright, will we
do what you think is right?

Return to the Potionmaker storyline this Friday as Alina decides whether to remain passively making potions or take up her poisoned blade to save a life... and change her future! To begin the Potionmaker storyline, head to Swordhaven castle and take a right when you reach the drawbridge. You'll find Alina with a tale to tell and potions to sell!

* That also means the most potent medicine can kill.

Mid-week Member-only release: BloodAncient Class!

We didn't think it could be done, but it looks like we WILL be able to release a member-only class during one of Cysero's mid-week releases! To that end, prepare yourselves for the BloodAncient Class! With skills like Draw Blood, Soul Grip, and Aspect of Mist, you'll find the battlefields left bloody in your wake!

You will be able to earn this Class just by playing this week's mid-week release in Darkovia OR by purchasing it from Itzachi in Battleon for Adventure Coins! (But ONLY members will be able to use ACs to buy the class.)

Limited Quantity Shop: Saturday, March 31st at 10 AM!

For epic rare items galore, you'll want to log in this Saturday at 10 AM EST, no foolin'! The Spring Limited Quantity Shop will feature awesome armors, wicked weapons, and amazing accessories from your favorite AQWorlds artists! Check out our first art preview from Solrac, Solrac's Legacy:

His legacy is Cyborg technology.

Watch the Design Notes for more art previews throughout the week, and make sure you know when the shop opens for YOU with this timezone converter!

I Can Haz Mod Contest!

Remember, the last I Can Haz Mod contest ends THIS FRIDAY, March 30! So if you haven't purchased your Last Golden Cheezburger from Cleric Joy in Battleon, hurry! The winner will be granted one selfless wish AND get to spend 2 hours with their favorite AQW dev or mod, AND get temporary modship (and all attendant privileges) for 2 hours!

Coming up!

  • Look for a skill breakdown for Blood Ancient Class to come this week!
  • Next week: Treasure Chest loot update!
  • Next week: Suggestion Shop update!
  • Next week: Grenwog returns!
  • Artist Livestream Week! 1 AQW artist a day will stream live in-game to show how art for AQW is created!

November 02, 2011

Letter to Bloodtusk Front

Status Report Required Immediately!

General Tibias,

I expected a report on your progress in the Bloodtusk Matter yesterday, and do not have it yet. This displeases me. When I sent you, in league with Commander Cynari from the Swordhaven Army, I specifically stated regular reports were required.

My scouts in your camp report that your efforts to subdue the Horcs and Trolls have failed. They are re-arming themselves as we speak! Are you aware of the strength the Horcs are able to draw on from that mountain Ore of theirs? Do you understand the power the living Arashtite Ore lends Troll magic?

And speaking of... have you been able to recover the missing Ore? The Accord of the Dark Sun is meaningless if the Trolls and Horcs do not have access to it! With that, they could turn on us; if we do not get it back before them, they certainly WILL. And, from all the reports I've gotten in this last day - and none of them from YOU - that is exactly what is about to happen.

Do not forget, Tibias. We KNOW that Chaos is in Bloodtusk Ravine. We have seen the signs, heard the whispers. It is so obvious that in these very inner halls I hear news of Chaotic goings-on in the Ravine. Even now, I am sure, the taint of Chaorruption has thoroughly soaked into the Horc and Troll communities.

It is up to YOU to settle the feud between them so that we may RIP OUT the core of Chaos that festers there.

Do not fail me. Or else.

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