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June 11, 2012

J6 Saga, Summer Shop, and More News

Summer's crazy releases continue with J6!

Journey with J6 on an all-new adventure in space! In "Bountyhunter Banzai," you'll land on a planet destined for super-stardom... if it doesn't go supernova first! The LOSERs (that's League of Super Evil Rangers to you) have a Doomsday Rocket and they're ready to use it! You'll need to decide what path to take in order to stop them. Choose poorly and BOOM!

With space-tastic new gear, a MASSIVE new monster to battle (if you can unlock the fight), 3 new minigames, and new clues to lead you towards HAL's ultimate objective, this is one mission you won't want to fail!

Summer Shop Updates All Week Long!

Log in now to access the Summer Shop! It will only be around for a couple of weeks BUT will be updated today, Wednesday, AND Friday with new gear! All your favorite gear from previous Summers are back, including the Battle Swimwear and the Evil Professor Dolpho pet!

The Ignited One set!*

NEW this year are the items in the Ignited One set, the Fire Dancer set, and the NPC surfboards! The Fire Dancer Set releases in the Summer Shop on Wednesday along with 3 of the NPC surfboards. The others will release this Friday! NPCs being surfed this year are: Dage, Nulgath, J6, Samba, and Daimyo!**

* Note: the member-only Fists of Fire drop off last week's Xan boss.
** Last year's NPC surfboards are RARE and will not return.

The Fire Dancer Set by Jemini also features the Triple Torches of Fiery Death!

Don't Sell Your Investment Trinket Yet!!!!

DO NOT sell your Investment trinket yet! Both the non-member and the member-only AC Investment Trinkets will increase in price on Wednesday, so you'll get more ACs back than you paid for them. We will announce when the sell-back price increases here and on Twitter. The member-only trinket will sell-back for MORE than the non-member trinket!

Again, to repeat, do NOT sell back your investment trinkets yet! Wait until we announce the increased sell-back price!

Tier 2 of the Destiny/Necrotic Weapons Coming Soon!

Dage is hard at work on the art for the Tier 2 Destiny and Necrotic weapon sets. You'll see pictures popping up on Twitter throughout the week, and if Beleen has time, the quests to get them will release on Friday!

Issues with Last Week's Release Resolved!

Last week, the Alchemy Tradeskill released. There were some issues on Friday night, which included the merge shop not accepting potions for Academic Merits as well as the Enhancement system breaking. The Rep quests on Lim were also added.

One of the hardest things about programming is that if you fix one thing (like adding new code to the merge shop function), a seemingly unrelated thing (like the Enhancement system) breaks HORRIBLY! Thankfully Yorumi and Dumoose were right at hand to get fixes up and live.

CVS GameCards Now Available!

Have you got a Prescription for Destruction? No? Then head to your local CVS Pharmacy! CVS locations all across the United States now carry Artix Entertainment gamecards and until the end of June, the Rx for Destruction Axe unlocks when you redeem your Artix Points!


The CVS AE gamecards can be used for ANY of our games! When you redeem your card (follow the instructions on the back!), you'll get your Artix Points and automatically unlock the prize code with the same PIN number from the scratch-off card.

Artix Entertainment on the News!

Artix and the crew at the Secret Underground Lab were featured on local news station Channel 8! See what the Lab REALLY looks like when we're not all lurching down the hall pretending to be zombies. Check out Artix chair-surfing, Beleen's bouncy-ball chair, Cysero's feet, and my hair as we show some AQWorlds gameplay from Etherstorm!

Click the pic to watch the video! (May not play in all areas)

PS - Luckily the mountain of action figures did NOT come crashing down on Artix as he held Daimyo.

1 Year Membership Golden Package Next Week!

The Golden Plate from the original AdventureQuest has long been a player-favorite! Starting next week, when you purchase the 1 Year Golden Membership Package, you'll get the shiniest armor around in addition to some sweet extras (just like the Doom Starter package from a few months ago)!

Remember: AQWorlds membership gets you access to exclusive storylines, quests, gear, and gameplay perks!

Contest Winners Announced Later This Week!

Zhimaira and Beleen are hard at work this week judging the Artix vs Sepulchure/ZOMBIES!!! art contest! We anticipate announcing winners at some point this week. We'll keep you posted!

Mod Hunt Emails Going Out Soon!

This morning Reens said she was veeeeeeeeery close to sending out replies to moderator application emails! If you've already received yours, congratulations! She may still be sending out more in the coming days. We'll announce when all the prospective moderators have been emailed.

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