Design Notes

July 01, 2013

Friday: Legion Champion Class

Join the Undead Legion to unlock our newest Class!

Battle through Lore as a Champion with an army at your side when you join the Undead Legion! Followers of Dage the Evil have fought hard through the deepest dungeons and braved the Underworld to reach his side, and now he offers them his greatest gift: this Friday, the Legion Champion Class will be available to ANY member of the Undead Legion for either 2000 AdventureCoins or 2000 Legion Tokens!

Legion Champion fantasy game classWill you become a Legion Champion?

With a mix of melee, ranged, and berserker-themed skills, Dage and Dumoose are designing the ultimate undead warrior!

NEW Gear for Legion Members!

To reward his loyal followers even further, Dage the Evil is creating an all-new item FREE item just for Undead Legion members! This item (maybe a pet, maybe a weapon...) will be 0 ACs and 0 Legion Tokens! You won't need to quest for it, you'll just need to get yours from his Undead Legion shop!

First look at one of the new armors available for Legion Tokens!

Dage has been hard at work crafting gear for you to spend your Legion Tokens on! He's creating two new full sets ONLY available for Legion Tokens... will you have what it takes to claim all of the new equips?

Challenge Boss Battle: Trigoras!

Trigoras has plagued adventurers in the original AdventureQuest for years, and now it's your turn to face his wrath! Take on one (or all four!) levels of our Trigoras challenge this Friday, but be prepared: when you THINK the fight is over, the battle's just begun!

Level 10, 25, 35, and 50 (members only) Trigoras! 

Celebrate Freedom Week in AQWorlds!

Happy Freedom Week, North American players! Because today is Canada Day and Thursday's the 4th of July, the Freedom Days shop is now open! Members: don't miss out on a chance to get the 2013 RARE Golden Cannon pet!

Let freedom ring!


July 04, 2011

Happy Freedom Weekend!

Friends, Fun, and Fireworks

Celebrate, Heroes! Friday was Canada Day and today is Independence Day for residents of the United States. To help you express your jubilation, we've got the Freedom Shop in Battleon stocked with rockin' rocket weps, crazy cannon pets, and this year's special items: the Liberty Blades!

So raise those sparklers high, wear your Maple Leaf capes with pride, and have fun on this last day of Freedom Weekend! This is best time to spend with family and friends, sharing laughs and stories at cookouts, shooting off fireworks (stay safe!) and preparing to BATTLE ON as we get ready for the next installment of the DoomWood storyline!

We haven't seen Vordred in a while, and that is VERY ominous! What could he be planning? What nefarious schemes have Noxus and Sally been plotting? Get ready for another chilling chapter as Vordred makes his move to become the Champion of Darkness!

More details tomorrow once we're all back at the Secret Underground Lab! Until then... Happy Fourth of July, everybody! I'm off to help Rolith with the cookout, and hopefully I'll have some fantastic fireworks pictures for you tomorrow on Twitter.

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