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December 28, 2015

Infinite Fart-Mas in AQWorlds

Flash Player Bug Causes Sound Engine Bugs

If you logged in on Christmas Eve on Chrome*, you MIGHT have been one of the unlucky few who experienced what we are now calling "Infinite Fart-mas" - where if you did the /fart emote... it would NEVER STOP! This Flash Player bug only happened to a handful of players, but it still stinks... and it was a symptom of a larger issue - 

After the latest Flash Player update, any emote or pet (but not armors, weapons, or other items) that made noise would make that noise... FOREVER... until you either turned sound off or refreshed your browser. We are digging into OUR sound engine to see what interactions are happening with the new Flash Player. But until we can find and change things on our end, the quickest fix to keep your ears whole and happy is to remove sounds from the affected pets/emotes.

Affected pets include:

  • Chuckles
  • Mirror Chaos Twins
  • and the Multi-RageFace Moglin

The /fart emote is the only affected emote.

If you find any other items or emotes experiencing the "infinite noise" issue, please report it on the Bug Tracker.

* The team is SO dedicated that they worked from 3 - 5:30 AM testing, then again on 11 AM - 1 PM to put the fixes live. Many thanks to all of you who helped us and reported information!

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