Design Notes

January 29, 2016

Brightoak Grove Finale Rewards

TONS of New Gear to Celebrate the Finale

To celebrate the finale of the latest Queen of Monsters Saga, we've got a TON of new gear for you to buy, unlock, or farm for! Check out the new StoneCrusher Class, new gear in the Brightoak Rep and Gear shops, plus permanent and rare monster drops from this weekend's boss monsters!

Ravinos' Brightoak Rep Shop Update!

Ravinos in Brightoak is so grateful for all the help you've given that he's stocked up the Rep Shop with a backpack full of new gear for you to unlock!

  • Brightoak Poison Sword and Pike 
  • Tainted Druid armor set 
  • Mystical Wand
  • Corrupt Forest Fairy armor set* 
  • Earth Titan Pet
  • Rep versions of the Arcane StoneCrusher armor set 

*This is the first gear done by our newest assistant artist, Neihi! /cheer

Lapis' Brightoak Gear Shop Update!

Lapis in Brightoak has some sweet NEW gear for you, even though her home is up in flames (she is so dedicated)! In addition to the AC version of the StoneCrusher Class, she's also got:

  • AdventureCoin versions of the Arcane StoneCrusher armor set
  • Wand of Patronum
  • Helms of Patronum 
  • Brightoak Raven Sword

Rare Boss Drops

  • Nevanna Armor and Helms
  • Brightoak Raven Scythe
  • Brightoak Raven Armblades


Permanent monster drops:

  • The member-only General Nevanna armor and helms drop from the General Nevanna boss. 
  • The 0 AC Earth Titan pet drops from the Gaiazor boss.  
  • Wisterrora's Reach and Claw polearms drop from Wisterrora 

These items will NOT go rare, so if you don't get it right away, fear not! You'll have all the time you need to battle for it. 

Class Merge Shop

You can unlock the StoneCrusher Class immediately for 2000 ACs from the Class Shop in your game menu or by talking to Lapis in Brightoak! If you want to EARN the class, you can unlock the rep version from the class Merge Shop at Ravinos.

To unlock it, combine the Earth's Song Token (requires rank 10 Mythsong) with the Shaman Armor (requires Rank 10 Arcangrove). To equip the class, you'll need Rank 10 Brightoak!

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