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August 03, 2012

Dage vs Nulgath War Finale

Disloyalty is NOT an option!

Evil vs Evil... which Commander is greater?! This weekend, your battling will decide whether Dage the Evil or Nulgath the Archfiend gains control of the Underworld! Choose to fight with the Undead Legion, the Nulgath Nation, or for yourself... no matter which side you choose, you'll get awesome loot! Will Dage rise as Nulgath’s shadow falls? That is up to you and your fellow warriors!

Dage's Rewards!

To bring you to his side, Dage the Evil offers:

 Corruption of Aranx

  • Evolved Paragon Bank Pet
  • Fenrir Legion Armor
  • Corruption of Aranx Armor
  • Lycan Flesh Destroyer Blade
  • Undead Warrior Judge Armor
  • And more!

Nulgath's Rewards!

To bring you to his side, Nulgath offers:

Neofiend of Revontheus

  • Vacation House of Nulgath
  • Grimlord of Nulgath Armor
  • Neofiend of Revontheus Armor
  • Carnage Void of Nulgath Armor
  • Oblivion Blade of Nulgath
  • Still more items!

Epic Duel's Mechachillid Bug Warriors Invade AQWorlds!

Get your very own Epic Duel Mechachillid Armor, helm, and the Epic Duel Stalagmite Pet! It lays eggs as it sits next to you! Let Rogarrk pass on a message from its Queen:

Nothing be to buggy for be EPIC! *chk* We say so, we Mechachillid warriors. From Delta V, we  think this, we know. Rogarrk here, on mission from Queen. Lore-speak  not easy. I talk small. You come, be new human warrior for Queen. No harm you, I promise. Is good food, good fight on Delta V. Queen love meet new warriors. Queen love give warriors EPIC new gear! *chkchk*


Talk to Rogarrk in Battleon to pick up the:

  • Mechachillid Armor
  • Mechachillid Helm
  • Epic Duel Stalagmite Pet

It's time to FIGHT! For your RIGHT! To SLAUGHTER! (Your opponents) /join Evilwar and get slayin' because both Dage and Nulgath say it's time to END this war!

Have an EVIL weekend, we'll see you all Monday!

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