Design Notes

January 20, 2012

Betrayal is in the Air

Be on your guard in the Air Realm!

Lightning flashes when Air and Earth clash! Winds of fire scour the sandy land. Noxious fog settles in the valleys, choking the breath from the dragons that remain. All this, As'iiur sees. And he despairs. That is why he need YOU, and with you, Galanoth, to help him create the dragon-strength air-binding potion to subdue Desoloth.

Wind be ever all around you, Hero!

Only then will his realm - and his precious draconic children - be safe! Galanoth's knowledge of how potent to make the air potion will come in handy while you are off battling to gather the components. But beware, for all is not as it seems! Can you trust those around you? 

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Also be sure to check out the additions of two of our newest contributors! Hizu, formerly a HeroSmash animator, is going to begin helping Samba animate monsters, freeing her up to pump more epicosity into the cutscenes! And welcome Reeky to the AE team! He is Warlic's sound assistant and composed the gorgeous music you're hearing tonight! Welcome to you both, the AQW team is lucky to have you!

Chinese New Year returns! 

Panlong, the legendary lake dragon, has risen to welcome in the new year as the old one flows out with the tide! He has many quests for you to go on, Hero, and even MORE rewards for you to claim once you're done!

Year of the Dragons on parade!

New Year's rewards will feature:

  • FOUR colors of the Dragon Armor!
  • Water Dragon Spirit Pet! (member only)
  • Parade Dragon Pet! (AC non-member)
  • And so much more!

The Chinese New Year's event will be available until Monday, February 6th!

Members: Return to Akiba!

If you didn't log in on Wednesday, Members, you've got a WHOLE member-expansion storyline to do! If you like shadows, assassins, or saving princesses, then this is the update for you!  Take a tour of a new addition to the Akiba map and get some EPICLY shaded shadowninja rewards!

We cut the Cheese release!

That's right. It was us. We'll take the blame. No new Cheese Day items. Try not to be bleu. It stinks, I know, but we just didn't have time while producing all this other AWESOME content! So no new Cheese items, and all those great, gooey rewards from last year are still rare. 

Don't worry, though, the rest of the release is full of muensters to battle and some really gouda-looking rewards to gain! Sorry, that last line was probably too cheesy.

Coming Soon!

Next week as we journey through Etherstorm's Water Realm, we'll find out just where Galanoth went, and more importantly... WHY. After that, we'll start rockin' with Etherstorm Waste's Earth Realm. Beyond that comes... Valentine's Day! But beware, because ARTIX is writing this holiday event, and he WON'T let me even look at the script. Mermaids, love, and... Artix writing it all?!

Have a GREAT weekend, everyone! We'll return on Monday for another week of stories, gaming, and unpredictably Chaotic insanity! And speaking of unpredictable insanity... have you seen Artix's new AQ3D project Design Notes?

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