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December 30, 2011

Time For New Year's

Chronomancy and Chaos!

Time is so predictable. It always goes from past to present to future. But when Drakath converts a Chronomancer to his cause, Chaos is going to disrupt the TimeStream!

Professor Iadoa - a renowned Chronomancer who has been flitting from between lines in the TimeStream for decades - has returned to his home era and is ready to turn Time upside-down and inside-out! To do that, he's got to stop it first, and the countdown ends this New Year's!

His SHUTDOWN sequence has been initiated. If you can't halt it and defeat Iadoa before the last seconds of the apparatus' countdown run out, Time as we know it will be destroyed!

And check out the totally timely rares in Lim's New Year's Shop and the New Year's House Shop for sweet seasonal and permanent rares which will show all your friends what an epic time you had!

Last Limited Quantity Shop of 2011 - 10AM Saturday!

Get your rear in gear, because Khuddar is here! That's right, it's the last LQS of 2011 and the goods he's got in store are going to go FAST! Featuring some of the most excellent equips and amazing accessories that we've produced yet, Khuddar's got items for every adventurer sold for gold or ACs.

We've got all the vital stats and critical info outlined in THIS post! And to make doubly, triply sure that you don't miss this super shop, here's a timezone converter so you know when YOUR time is OUR time!

Notes to Know!

Shift your eyeballs up a few lines and make sure you know what time the last Limited Quantity Shop of 2011 is. Frostvale, the Song of the Frozen Heart event, Beleen and Quibble are leaving NEXT Friday! We've also got the first Etherstorm Wastes release (they're going to be HOT!), the first new mid-week release of the Yaaaaarrr!, Frostval gifts will open and a not-so-surprise announcement all arriving at various points throughout next week!

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