Design Notes

December 07, 2011

Mid-Week Release Goodness

The Blue Undead Legend Armor is LIVE!

You have probably already read about FallenPaladin's wish to make a blue variant of Dage's Undead Legend armor.

Well, it went live at 6:00 PM Server time (check your options to see server time) and it will remain in the shop for exactly 24 hours, as per FallenPaladin's wish! Once this armor is gone it will NOT be back (unless someone ELSE wishes it back into existence... can you do that?)

Very much like the creator of the original Undead Legend, Dage The Evil, you can also find FallenPaladin's NPC selling the Blue Undead Legend in Dage's chambers.

Remember... only 24 hours, then the wish expires.

It looks like I'M next on the chopping block so if you feel like hanging out with me for a few hours and getting a wish of your own, all you need to do is buy Cysero's Golden Cheezburger from Cleric Joy or Warlic in Battleon.

Remember that you get 1 chance at winning if you have that item but you get one extra chance for every AExtra you complete and every month of Membership that remains on your account on the day of the drawing!

This round of the CAN I HAS MOD contest ends on January 2nd, 2012.

Mid-Week Member Release

We've also snuck in a mid-week mini-release! We first learned about Mudluks (the frog-like people) back in Arcangrove. There is a New Mudluk named Molgulp who has set up camp in Marsh2.

He is an archaeologist and blacksmith who is trying to rediscover a fragment of ancient Mudluck crafting skills that were lost ages ago. He has followed the rumors of an ancient Mudluk weapon to the marsh2 area and is hoping you can help him find it.

He has a few items for sale of his own modern Mudluk design, but if you are able to help him, he might let you use the forge in his hut to craft your own Mudluk weapons!

This release is for AQW MEMBERS ONLY. We hope to keep adding lots more mid-week releases bringing you back to older areas and adding mini-storylines, adding new NPC, continuing older storylines and adding lots of new items for Members to enjoy.


Don't forget: even thought we have a mid-week release we still have our regular FRIDAY release coming in just 2 days.

Prepare yourselves to face down the most driven Chaos Lord yet. I won't spoil the story for anyone who is not up to date but this area has had one of our best storylines yet and you don't want to miss out of the finale!


November 28, 2011


Waiting to verify the Winner

We just removed the Golden Cheezburger from the shop and ran the super big crazy database query to create the list and randomly selected a winner.  I am very proud to say that this contest was conducted extremely fairly. Important: Do not remove the Golden Cheezburger from your inventory. 36,134 players have a Golden Cheezburger in their inventory and are participating in this contest. We are attempting to contact the winner now (by all means possible including email)... the wait is killing us all O_O.   The winner will be announced AFTER they make their wish... as it may have awesome, or interesting and/or unexpected results for everyone possessing a Golden Cheeseburger. Trust me, you DO NOT want to get rid of the Golden Cheezburger out of your inventory. If we are unable to contact the winner in 24 hours, we will have to select another.
See the I CAN HAS MOD Contest Page

The Golden Cheezburger's News!

The description on the item suddenly changed: "WHAT!? This item is pulsing and glowing with a strange magic energy. Something is going to happen...."

This week in AQWorlds!

Coming this Friday.... The Bloodtusk Ravine Chaos Beast and 2 new classes: Hork Evader and Troll Spell Smith. Also, we will be premiering the NEW AQWorlds TV commercial "Rawr".

New Class Designs

Concepts for the new classes by Dage

Update: Winner Announced at Noon

Alina here to let you know that we're planning on announcing the winner tomorrow at 12PM server time! We want the winner to be the first to know how just how excited we are to hang out with them! Once THEY know, and they make their wish, then YOU guys will get to see just what's in store... for them AND for you! (Remember to KEEP your Golden Cheezburgers!)

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