Design Notes

October 02, 2013

Battlemage Breakdown

Mages! Swordhaven Needs Your Help!

What do you do when your entire city has become chaorrupted, and your spellcasters just aren't sturdy enough to handle the fight? You train them to cast spells while encased in solid steel, of course!

How to Become a Battlemage

Only the most loyal defenders of Swordhaven can train to be Battlemages! Once you have reached rank 10 in Swordhaven rep, you'll be able to buy this class from the Swordhaven rep shop - talk to Sir Vival in /castle or Roald in /ceremony. You can also buy this class by talking to Ragnar in Battleon for 2000 ACs. This is not a member-only class.

Built like a tank, but mana-friendly!

Battlemage Skills Breakdown

The Battlemage focuses on taking down his opponents as quickly as possible. He is capable of focusing greater amounts of mana into each spell for the maximum effect. He specializes in wearing heavy armor for defense in order to spend all of his mana on offensive spells.

Battlemages excel at taking down multiple enemies at once with their devastating AOE attacks, but can also focus their damage on a single target when fighting tougher enemies.


2 second cooldown

Battlemages are rejuvenated by their Arcane Strike granting them bonus mana with every successful blow.

This ability replaces auto-attack. It functions similarly, except that as a Battlemage it also restores some of your mana.


15 mana, 12 second cooldown. Requires rank 1.

Removes the explosion (AOE) effect from the Battlemage's attacks but increases all spell damage and accuracy by 50% for 12 seconds.

Use this whenever you want to focus on one enemy at a time. Awesome for boss fights due to its damage and accuracy increases, and imperative for those times when you want to avoid pulling more than one enemy.


45 mana, 15 second cooldown. Requires rank 2.

Summon an explosive fire ball burning with arcane energies on up to 3 targets.

Just a nice boost of extra damage. Unless you have Enchanted Blade up, this will aggro enemies that you're not currently fighting if you're standing next to them.


29 mana, 45 second cooldown. Requires rank 3.

Break apart surrounding raw mana and form it into an Arcane Shield transfering most incoming damage to the Battlemage's MP instead of HP, as well as reducing mana costs for 10 seconds. The initial break explodes damaging up to 3 enemies.

This is a pretty sweet shield. While it's up, you'll mostly take damage to your mana pool instead of your health. And to make up for it, your spells will cost less mana. As a bonus, you'll do a burst of AOE damage when you first cast it. Again, you will aggro nearby enemies with this unless you're using Enchanted Blade.


Passive. Requires rank 4.

Physical Damage received reduced by 30%.


Passive. Requires rank 4.

Wisdom increased by 20%.


62 mana, 18 second cooldown. Requires rank 5.

Conjure a powerful, explosive, arcane blast damaging up to 3 targets. If Enchanted Blade is active, your target will be weakened and take 30% more damage from all sources.

When you're fighting multiple enemies, this serves up a nasty chunk of AOE damage. In a boss fight, this attack is even stronger, as it will cause your target to take extra damage from anything and anyone that hits it while the effect is up. The effect lasts slightly past the cooldown, so if you use this ability every time it becomes available you'll be doing 30% more damage for the entire fight.

Oh, and once more: you will aggro nearby enemies with this unless you're using Enchanted Blade.


In summary: This is a great class for boss fights, just make sure you use both Enchanted Blade and Arcane Devastation every time they cool down if you want to be at your most effective. It's also a strong class for farming/questing, since you can use your AOE abilities to smash several enemies at once.


EDIT: The following changes have been made to this class!

  • Arcane Fire mana cost increased from 40 to 45
  • Explosive Shield mana cost increased from 23 to 29
  • Arcane Devastation mana cost decreased from 65 to 62
  • Arcane Devastation's Enchanted Blade buff now lasts past its cooldown. This means subsequent uses of Arcane Devastation can do 30% more damage if you time it right.
  • To make up for increased mana costs, Arcane strike returns more mana per hit.
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