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October 15, 2013

BattleCon 2013 Events

Event Schedule for BattleCon 2013: an in-game convention!

Get your BattleCon on! Have you visited BattleCon yet? If not, /join battlecon to experience the first-ever in-game convention: meet your fellow heroes and the AE team members, learn about all of our games, and get epic cosplay-themed gear!

The following is our schedule of events, which you can watch when you /join constream. You can find it posted on the in-game announcement board outside the convention, too! In between scheduled events, we'll be playing random videos. As always: BEWARE OF BRUTALCORN!*

*event schedule subject to random attacks by BrutalCorn.


1 PM: Zoshi's livedraw

3 PM: 2 hour Virtual Panel with members of the AE team! 

8 PM: Zoshi livedraw replay


12 AM: 2 hour Virtual Panel with members of the AE team!

2 PM: How to Draw Derp with Beleen!

4 PM: 2 hour Virtual Panel with members of the AE team! 

8 PM: Drawing with Thyton

10 PM: 2 hour Virtual Panel with members of the AE team! 


12 AM: 2 hour Virtual Panel with members of the AE team!

3 PM: J6's livedraw

4 PM: 2 hour Virtual Panel with members of the AE team! 

8 PM: J6 livedraw replay

10 PM: 2 hour Virtual Panel with members of the AE team! 


12 AM: 2 hour Virtual Panel with members of the AE team!

1 PM: Dage's livedraw

3 PM: 2 hour Virtual Panel with members of the AE team! 

7 PM: 5th birthday event: Dragon Ninjas vs BrutalCorn!

9 PM: Dage livedraw replay

11 PM: 2 hour Virtual Panel with members of the AE team! 


October 12, 2013

BattleCon 2013

11th AE Anniversary / 5th AQW Birthday!

This weekend, get your /party on at BattleCon 2013: an In-Game Convention, as we begin two weeks of the most brutal and battle-tastic double-celebration ever! The only way we can meet ALL of the heroes who make our games possible is inside AQWorlds, so we’ve pulled in team members from ALL our games to create the most EPIC in-game convention EVER!

BattleCon 2013: An In-Game Convention

If you can't come meet the AE team in person at the conventions we attend in real life, join us in AQWorlds for BattleCon: the all-staff, all-player in-game convention... and all the con-swag you can handle!

Super Kathool and Doctor What armor sets!

Once BattleCon begins, get ready to:

  • Quest for your Con badge 
  • Slay Con crashers for your Con Kit (every hoopy frood needs a Con towerl) 
  • Defeat the Brutal BattleCon Gate Guardian, as he stalks the grounds of the Coliseum


  • Meet members of the AE team!
  • Get your badge signed by all the AE team members!
  • Sneak through the Hall of NPZZZzzz's
  • Get your Rave, Rave, Rave on in the Timezard's Ballroom!
  • Get sweet cosplay and AE game-themed gear 
  • Rock out at the first virtual Con Artix Entertainment's ever held!

BattleCon-vention Highlights!

There's always a TON of things to do at conventions, so make sure you hit ALL the booths AND the artist tables AND the rave AND the Cosplay Zombie Parade!

Vendetta Vampire and Kakarotting armor sets! 

And don't miss:

  • Lore's most brutal boss battle! 
  • Live-action tournament of Cosplay Champions!
  • Live-draws and video tutorials from AE artists!
  • Q&A session with Beleen and Kityana!

/dance the night away!

  • Our favorite videos play throughout the day all week long!
  • Vendor booths with gear from other AE games!
  • Artist Alley - shops from your favorite AQW artists!
  • Return of the Secret Underground Lab!
  • Rave about the epic /dance party!

Anniversary? Awesome! What about the Birthday?

October is the month of OMG-SO-MANY-PARTIES! With AE's anniversary and AQW's birthday falling so close together, we're combining the events into one ginormous celebration... but with double (or triple?!?!) the number of rewards and quests!

5 Rings Warrior and AE Dragon Ninja sets!

After you've explored the Coliseum, head down the elevator into the Secret Underground Lab! This map, which we released last year, is returning and will become a permanent part of the game (but without the rare gear from last year). Explore a (mostly) true-to-life version of the Lab this week, then return NEXT Friday to battle through the expanded version with all NEW birthday rares!

Overcoming Con-tastrophe!

We usually try to release between 6 and 7 pm each Friday, but this with as much as we packed into this event, there were bound to be some unforeseen issues, like:

  • Art randomly being deleted from the file
  • Flash player dying... then mysteriously being resurrected mid-death
  • Flash's memory refusing to cooperate as we prepared to go live.
Not pictured: Luna Vader (Luna NEIGH-der?!)

This event is BIG. We've got a LOT of games and a LOT of fun stuff, and we didn't want to leave anyone out. But it got to be SO big that Flash said "nuh uh. I don't care HOW much you want to enjoy the event. Not gonna do it." So we sat down and made some modifications to how it handled its memory and voila! We were able to compile the file and get back to getting our party on!

SO Much Con Swag and Merch!

One of our favorite parts about going to Con is seeing all the Vendors, the merch they sell, and the artist's alley full of amazing artwork. So of course OUR Con had to have the same! 

FIVE StarPony sets to help you "use the horse"! 

That's why we've got gear from ALL our games in the convention, and most of this gear - and the event itself, will NOT go rare!

  • AQW Cosplay gear
  • AdventureQuest gear
  • DragonFable gear
  • MechQuest gear
  • EpicDuel gear
  • HeroSmash gear
  • Oversoul gear
  • BattleGems gear
  • Bladehaven gear
  • Heromart gear
  • EbilCorp gear
  • Beleen's Balloons
  • Food Court Potions 
  • Birthday Rare gear
  • Returning Gear from Featured Artist shops 

Void Dragon Rider Armor at Nulgath's Table!

Each of the game shops will feature staff and player favorite art straight from our other games! For the Cosplay gear in the AQW shop, we've created mashups of our favorite pop-culture phenomenons and turned them into armors just for you! 

Thank you all!

We call our players the “friends we have never met” for a good reason: because you are awesome! We would genuinely love to meet and hang out with all of you in real life, because we were all just like you guys at one point: we loved videogames, art, stories, and all of the crazy things that make everyone a hero in their own dreams.

That's right. This is all thanks to YOU! :)

It's thanks to YOU that Artix Entertainment has been able to keep making games for the last 11 years, and that AQWorlds has been online for 5. We aren't going ANYWHERE, and we hope you'll battle alongside us as we adventure across new in-game continents and into new real-life platforms and dimensions!

Our games are really YOUR games!

And if YOU have a passion for art, writing, or programming like the members of the AE team do, do what you love as often as you can! Maybe someday you'll be standing alongside us at BattleCon, too!

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