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May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

To All the Moms Out There, Thank You!

Every Hero's story starts with their mother.* So today's the day to celebrate whatever woman (bio-mom, step-mom, aunt, grandma, teacher or neighbor-lady) gives you the advice, reality checks, and hugs you need.

* Unless you were born on an elemental plane or wandered in from some nameless void and were created from a wisp of aether...

!Your mom knows you will always defeat the villain

Battle Bouquets, Bone-Quets, and Dragon Flatteners!

Find the 2013 Mother's Day Shop in your Dragon Menu. The Mother's Day Shop will be available for at least a week, and inside it you'll find:

  • The Golden Roller 13
  • Mother's Day Bouquet 13
  • Fairy Godmother 13 pet
  • Undead Battle Bouquet +5
  • Dragon Flattener +5
  • Fiery Bone-quet 13
  • Icy Bone-quet 13

Thanks to My Mom...

I want to send a huge thanks to my mom, who put up with a LOT while I was growing up! Always singing where I shouldn't, making up horrible, pun-filled poetry when I shouldn't, and forcing her to try strange (...often VERY strange) concoctions I made from random things in the kitchen.** I wouldn't be where I am today without her battle strategies for facing life's toughest boss challenges head-on and blade-first!

Choose the right gift for the occasion... or battlefield.

** A true story, and early indications that I would grow up to be an alchemist.

And Thanks to Your Mom, Too!

Yes, yours. Go on, tell her I said "thank you!" I'll wait. You're back? Good! We couldn't keep making AQWorlds if she stopped letting you play.

Oh, does she know all of the CRAZY things you've done in Lore? If you haven't yet, now is the time to tell your mom that you're going to save the world. Probably this year, if you keep slaying villains and tackling Chaos so fast. (That's something mothers like to know ahead of time.)

So whether you love your mother, ARE a mother, or just appreciate what moms do for their kids... Happy Mother's Day!

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