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July 11, 2014

Battle Gems PVP!



Actually, it's been live for almost a fullday, but we haven't said much about it because we wanted to make sure there were no terribly bad game killing bugs before we sounded the war horns and drew a lot of attention to it. It was a quiet launch. 

Of course there were a few bugs (There are always a few bugs) but noting too serious and we've already got most of those solved and ready to publish to the live versions of the game in the next update today or tomorrow. 

As always, if YOU encounter any bugs, they go here:

They do not go on Twitter or Facebook or in the comments of the version of this post... they go here:

Just so we're entirely clear, ALL bugs for this or any other AE game go here:

... here:

And now we're moving on. 

BATTLE GEMS PVP! What's the deal with that?

Here's the deal.

  •  Create your own cool (or silly) PVP name! 
  • Battle anyone within your level range (plus or minus a few levels)
  • Collect PvP trophies for winning that raise you higher in the World and Friend Leaderboards!
  • Climb through the PvP Titles until you reach Arena Grand Master
  • New PvP Titles unlock the ability to buy new PvP Gear in the PvP Shop!
  • They cost A LOT!
  • But we now allow you to BUY GOLD! 
  • Random board mechanics make each battle different. You might get...
    • Slime Gems
    • Stone Gems
    • Crit Gems
    • Cages
    • Lava
    • Or in rare cases ALL OF THE ABOVE! (We call that the Devil Board)

Devil Board


I did indeed say that, imaginary player who asks me this stuff! There are three gold packages to pick from but the obvious winner is the 50 MILLION GOLD PACKAGE. That should keep you set for a while and allow you to buy almost all of the PvP rewards (If you have the intestinal fortitude to unlock them). 

Plus it comes with in-game bonuses where the other packages only come with gold (which is still nice).

the 50,000,000 GOLD package gives you a GOLD NAME (in Battle Gems PvP) and the MAKE IT RAIN skill will be added to your skill list. It's like a big gold fireball that explodes into a shower of gold coins when it hits the target. Fun? Yeah, fun.

Apple based players can get the game here:

Android based players can get the game here:

And, of course, you can always play it on Facebook:

Have fun!



May 21, 2014

⭐ Shoot for the Stars! ⭐

Will you give Battle Gems a 5 Star Review?

Hello my loves! I have a super special request for you:

Beleen in real life with free to play Battle Gems mobile game app

Will you please rate Battle Gems with a 5 Star review?

In case you didn’t know (‘cuz I sure didn’t!), each time a mobile game app like Battle Gems gets updated, it refreshes the Star ratings.

“Current Version” is the newest update for iOS.

Battle Gems new RPG mobile game iOS

“All Versions” is, well, for all the updates in iOS!

Battle Gems new RPG mobile game all versions iOS

Android's Google Play has over 8,000 4.5 Star reviews!

Battle Gems new RPG mobile game on Android Google Play

So if you love Battle Gems as much as we do, won’t you please take 30 seconds to Rate Battle Gems with your love? 5 Stars is AWESOME!

Battle Gems iOS game app Apple


Battle Gems is available on the iOS App Store here.

Battle Gems RPG mobile game app on Android Google Play


Battle Gems is available on the Android Google Play Store here.

Thank you so much for your continued love & support for all Artix Entertainment games. For the past 11 years, Artix has strived to produce the best free MMOs and RPGs in the whole world, and we could NOT have gotten this far without YOU!

You always have a 5 Star rating in our eyes and in our hearts <3

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Now, back to the battle (gems)!

xoxo Beleen!


May 09, 2014

Battle Gems Wants You!

Battle Gems on Android, Apple and Facebook!

Our first major mobile game is now live and stable on Android's Google Play, Apple App Store/iTunes and Facebook


Battle Gems Everywhere

Now that Battle Gems is on the web we need your help. We are very proud of our little game and it seems like nearly everyone who has played it enjoys it. We think that Battle Gems really has the potential to become a HUGE game in the mobile arena and on the web but, for that ti happen, we need YOUR help. 

NOTHING helps a game spread faster than the fans. Word of mouth from the die-hard, serious fans can become a raging fire on the internet as the game is passed from friend to friend. We have a favor to ask from you. 

If you've tried the game... if you have enjoyed it... please, share it.

Copy and paste this link everywhere you can think of. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, SnapChat, Tumblr, Instagram... anywhere that you feel comfortable letting YOUR fans know that it's a fun game and they should give it a shot. It is free after all so what do they have to lose?

Can I Still Get Founder?

Why, yes. Yes you can. However, we wanted to leave it up long enough for everyone on every platform to get it and now that Battle Gems has been released on all currently planned platforms the Founder Package will be leaving in a few weeks. 

Here's a reminder of what you get with Battle Gems Founder...

Founder Package

In Battle Gems:

1) INFINITE Energy, never wait to fight!
2) Skeleton Key, Never wait to enter a new area!
3) DragonKnight Set, special limited-time Founder set!
4) Founder flag on your character panel.
5) 30% permanent earning gold boost.

In AQWorlds:

1) AQW BONUS: DragonKnight Class!
2) AQW BONUS: DragonKnight Armor!
3) AQW BONUS: DragonKnight Helms (2)!
4) AQW BONUS: DragonKnight Swords (2)!
5) AQW BONUS: DragonKnight Capes (3)!
6) AQW BONUS: Battle Gems Character Page Achievement!

AQW DragonKnight

Just tap the UPGRADE button in your Battle Gems OPTIONS screen to buy Founder then use the AQW LINK button that shows up to link it to your AQW account. 

Thanks For Helping!

For those of you who have already played the game, who have stuck with us through all the game killing bugs and all of the terrible technical glitches and STILL dropped us a 5 star review in your app store, thank you. We could not have gotten to this very exciting starting point without you guys. We're all very interested to see where we go from here. 

See you in Battle Gems! 

App Icon


January 23, 2014

Battle Gems Anticipation Shop

Battle (Gem) On with a Pet, Battle Pet, and Sword!

We cannot WAIT until our newest game releases! (It is not live yet... but soon!) So in honor of the coming launch of our first mobile game, Battle Gems, we're putting the Brutal Gemaphant pet and its shop in AQWorlds NOW! Upgrade to unlock our newest pet, and show him off to all of your friends! 


Battle Gems is a seriously fun game, and we hope you'll want to share news of it with your friends. And that's why we want to let you share the fun of the Battle Gems anticipation shop with your in-game friends.

So ANYONE can click on your pet to open the Brutal Gemaphant shop, which has the Legend-only Brutal Gemaphant Battlepet AND the Gemmed Ornamental Battleblade which ALL players can use, for 0 ACs (free storage, yay!!!)!

Keep an eye on Artix's Desgn Notes at for more news on Battle Gems, or watch Artix and Cysero's Twitter accounts for previews and polls! #BattleGemOn


August 12, 2013

Just Saying HI!

I Don't Work On AQW Anymore.

I probably linked you to this over Twitter because you asked me a question about AQW that I can't answer. I can't answer it because for the past several months I've been working full-time on BATTLE GEMS. If you want to know why I'm not working on AQW anymore, If I will be back or what BATTLE GEMS or PROJECT:OMNI are then please read on. 

Where Have I Been?!

You may have noticed that I haven't been on the Design Notes much in the past few months. I wanted to pop in and kind of let you guys know what's going on because I MISS YOU! If you HAVEN'T noticed that I've been gone, then you can just carry on and ignore this post. 

I AM NOT CURRENTLY WORKING ON AQW. I haven't been for the last few months. I'm still a member of the team, BUT all of my time and attention has been on our first PROJECT: OMNI game called BATTLE GEMS! 

Battle Gems Gear Poster

I can already hear questions so I'm going to change gears and make this a personal Q&A post. 


PROJECT: OMNI is the new direction of game development that AE is taking. OMNI games will not only play on the web but also on mobile phones, tablets and possibly a ton of other devices and/or delivery methods (DS, PSN, XBL, Steam Etc). That's the idea anyway. 


Battle Gems is our first OMNI game. It's still in development and a few months away from release. It will have pretty decent RPG fighter mechanics but you will use a gem based puzzle interface to pull off your attacks. 

BG On A Tablet

There will be TONS of armors, helms, back items, pets (which ALL attack) and weapons in the game and you will be ENCOURAGED to collect ALL of them. The more weapons you collect, the stronger your weapon attacks are, etc. 

This game will be FREE for everyone who has access to it. 

This is NOT going to be like any of our other RPGs. You won't have an environment to walk around in like AQW, but instead a HUGE 256 node story map that will take you through the game with special holiday areas released during certain times of the year. You will be able to compete with your friends and if the game takes off we plan on adding a PvP aspect where you can face your friends as well. 

You will recognize a lot of elements from Lore (moglins, moglinsters, zards, gorillaphants etc), although the pets have been redesigned by Jemini and Samba and animated by Samba and all the monsters have been reconcieved in the game style by Thyton and colored and animated by Yergen. 

Battle Gems Gorillaphant


I'm serving as the game's art director and facilitator. I'm trying to make sure that everyone on the art team knows what everyone else is doing so everyone has a deadline, no critical tasks fall through the cracks and the art style remains consistent throughut the entire game. 

I'm also getting to do some art myself. I'm working with Rolith on the game's navigation map. I've made a bunch of individual map assets like these...

BG Map Castles

and I'm assembling them all into one huge map texture that will lead you through the zones of the Battle Gems once Rolith puts them into Unlity and adds the functionality. I also did 30 of the more than 50 concepts for the Battle Gems logo, before we arrived at our final logo..

BG Logo Attempts

And finally, I'm also adding some silly to the game like the concept of the Octobear...

and the Brutalcorn which is a huge, buff, armored unicorn. Here, along with the Croc Warrior and the Battle Gems Dravir, are some concept sketches from Thyton. Don't worry, Brutalcorn's horn will be moved to his forehead. He's a unicorn, not a rhino. 

And here is Dage, who ran around as the Brutalcorn all last Friday. 

I can't tell you happy I was making that image. 


The future of the Artix Entertainment is in OMNI games and I want to keep helping Artix to build games for you for as long as we can. If AQW needs me I will return and help out but right now, AE needs me looking forward, even if I can't see anything through my hair. 

Me And My BG Mop


Mind blowing, right? But don't worry, you can keep blaming me for it if it makes you feel better. (never stopped anyone before).


No clue. Quit askin' me. As I mentioned, I've been spending all of my time on Battle Gems. I could ask Alina to tell me what is going on but I just read the Design Notes, same as you do. 


You're not paying attnetion but I understand. This is a lot to take in all at once. I mentioned earlier that we are still a few months away from full release but we have a REALLY solid start and for those of you who will be coming to our panel at DRAGONCON, we will have a pretty interesting prototype to show you! 

As always, I will be doing my Con Survival Guide Design Notes post (revised 2013 edition) in a few weeks with more details on our panel but if you want to stay aware of new development in Battle Gems.

You can follow MY TWITTER...

The BATTLE GEMS Facebook Page (LIKE us because we like you!)...


or, of course, ARTIX's TWITTER.

Battle Gems Logo


July 09, 2013

Battle Gems

New Mobile game in development!

Have you hard about Project: Omni yet? It our ambitious plan to take our games to ALL devices including iPhone, Andoid, iPad, iPod, Tablet, Web and... um... game-ready toasters. Our first step of this project is to create a game that will teach the team how to build for ALL devices. That game, is Battle Gems! It is a fantasy/puzzle/battle game and we have about 1 month of work left before it is ready for you to play. It is honestly the most addictive game we have ever played... if we have any delays, it is because we are obsessively playing it instead of working on it. You can follow our progress at

Battle Gems

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