Design Notes

September 01, 2014

My Real Life Quest to Follow My Dreams

Courtesy of my Artix Entertainment family—and that includes YOU too.

Hello my loves! I have some exciting and literal game changing news to announce!

I have just accepted an adventure quest to follow my real world dreams.

Hehe, clever, I know. But that is exactly what I’m going to do: I’m going to pursue my true passion as a professional balloon entertainer

ascot balloon hat aqworlds beleen in real life

Balloon animals are much more than squeaky colorful creations (although they totally are and are simply adorable!). Balloons allow me to express my artistic side using a real-life 3D medium, create literal one-of-a-kind balloon creations, and, most importantly of all, brighten the days of those all around me.

Seeing hundreds to thousands of smiling faces on a daily basis (not exaggerating) is the greatest joy I’ve ever experienced. 

Balloons make me so happy—like the happiest I have even been before.

beleen candy cane balloon girl

But you… everyone who plays Artix games and/or who are Artix team members… you guys and gals make me so happy too! So how can I pursue my balloon artist dreams while still being close friends with you all?

The solution?

Artix Entertainment wants to help me on my balloon adventures.

beleen surprised animated gif

OMG. Artix and Galanoth and Alina and everyone else here at the Secret Underground Lab are 150% supportive of me following my balloon dream!!!

And you know why?

It’s because everyone at Artix Entertainment is family! And family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

zorbak stitch spoof

LOL Zorbak totally looks like Stitch. Thanks, Oishii!

Starting today until mid September-ish, I will be off following my dreams to enhance my balloon bending skills and entrepreneurial endeavors—but I’ll still be helping out as much as I can with AQWorlds. I’ll still do the weekly newsletter, and some FaceBook and Design Notes posts, and a Twitter chirp here and there, because you’re all my friends and family and we totally gotta stay in touch you know? =D

So this is sooo not goodbye—it’s just a heads-up that I’ll be AFK for a little while.

Please direct all game-related Tweets to @Alina_AE, @Memet, and @ArtixKrieger, and please direct all silly-animal-related Tweets to @BeleenAE =)

Have fun everyone, and Battle On!

xoxo Beleen the Balloon Bender


February 13, 2014

Love Is In The Air

New Valentine’s Day Event Tomorrow!

Happy Thursday! I am soooo super excited because Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! And that means we are 1 day away from finding me a Valentine. Woohooo!

Valentines Day roses and love is in the air fortune

Even my fortune cookie knows I’ll find true love!!

Tomorrow at sunset, you shall embark to Beleen’s Dream Island, and whoever is the first to claim the Legendary Cherry atop the Red Velvet Cake Mountain will be my Valentine =D

Beleen and the bull balloon

Check it out! Last week, I received a bull balloon (a bulloon!) from a secret admirer. Who could have sent this adorabull gift? I love it so muuuc---

Gust of wind blows bulloon away

OMG! A wild gust of wind appeared. It’s super effective! (looks like love AND wind is in the air... who knew!?)

Bulloon balloon flies away

Come back here, bulloon!!! You’re not getting away from me!

Bulloon flying away Beleen twitter Tweet

“Noooooo! My bulloon is flying away! I gatta catch it! BRB!”


December 18, 2013

Candy Cane Saga

A Whole New “Twist” on Candy Canes

What does Frostval mean to you? Is it a time for sharing presents with loved ones? Is it to celebrate the birth of a Level 1 Healer? Is it the time for decadent desserts and bountiful feasts—all with the promise of exercising daily beginning January 1st?

Merry Frostval

To me, Frostval means spreading unconditional holiday cheer, joy, and love to everyone, everywhere! Frostval came early to a group of Special Needs Kids at my former high school. Surrounded by hundreds of balloons (and an entire carafe of coffee), I working into the wee hours of the morning, twisting 55 hand-made balloon candy canes.

Beleen Balloon animal candy cane making

It took me about 3 hours to make 55 balloon candy canes. Talk about super hard work with super soft balloons! But you know what? It was TOTALLY worth it!

Beleen balloon animals candy cane delivery

As soon as I walked into my high school’s cafeteria with my giant Santa’s bag full of calorie-free candy canes, all of the children fell in love with my balloons—and so did the adults, too!

Beleen candy cane balloon animals

These special kids have a special place in my heart. All the warm fuzzies I felt inside me is worth more than anything else—you just cannot put a price on being a good person… with exceptional balloon animal-making skills, at that!

Beleen balloon animal candy cane balloons at high school

On behalf of all the entire AQWorlds team and all your friends at Artix Entertainment, we wish you a very merry holiday season and a happy new year!

Stay jolly, my friends =D

xoxo Beleen

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