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June 11, 2014

Real Life 10% Buff!

Earn 10% more Artix Points with a Credit Card

Everyone LOVES free stuff. And when you use a Credit Card or Paypal to buy Artix Points, you get 10% more Points FOR FREE!

Earn 10 percent more Artix Points when you buy with a credit card

Artix Pointers: What are Artix Points?

Artix Points are the most powerful points in the universe, forged from crystallized dragon’s breath, marbles, and, of course, a little duct tape. Artix Points are the universal currency for your 7 favorite Artix Entertainment games. You can use these Points to get memberships, upgrades, and elite game currencies: AdventureCoins in AdventureQuest Worlds, Varium in EpicDuel, SmashCoins in HeroSmash, and Soul Gems in OverSoul!

Bonus Mode: +100 AdventureCoins each month!

AdventureCoins Ohh AdventureCoins, how we love you so. And if you want the coolest items in AQWorlds, you’re ganna need ACs. Well, you’re in luck, because you get 100 bonus ACs per month of your Membership upgrade! SWEET!

Better cast an agility buff, because these deals are only good through the month of June!

Order your Artix Points here

xoxo Beleen =D


September 19, 2013

Artix Game Cards

Use Artix Cards to Buy Points and Upgrade!

You can purchase Artix game upgrades using physical retail store scratch-off PIN cards. Buy a card at a store near you, and then use the PIN number on that card to get ARTIX POINTS. These points are special universal currency that you can then use to get any Artix game upgrade!

What Are Artix Points?

Artix Points are a special currency which you can purchase and spend to upgrade in any of our games! We offer multiple payment methods for purchasing Artix Points, or redeem either Artix Upgrade Cards or UltimateGameCards to receive them.  Artix Points Gift Certificates are also available via our online store, HeroMart , if you would like to purchase an upgrade for someone else.

Where to Buy Cards

Artix Upgrade Cards are currently available in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. 

In the United States: GameStop, ToysRUs, CVS Pharmacy and AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Service)
In Canada: Available at Mac's,  Sobeys,  Needs,  Safeway  and  Esso 
In New Zealand: New Zealand Post, WoolWorths in Mount Maunganui's Bayfair Shopping Centre 
In Australia: Drake Supermarkets, Big W, WoolWorths and Dick Smith

To purchase Game Cards in other countries, the following options exist:

• UltimateGameCards available worldwide
• PaySafeCard in Europe
• CherryCredits in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and Australia
• Other PlaySpan cash methods available worldwide

How to Redeem Artix Cards

  1. Log in to your Artix Account, or create a new free account
  2. Click Get Points and click Upgrade Cards
  3. Enter the PIN Code and follow the instructions.
  4. You can redeem more than one card to collect enough Artix Points to get the biggest upgrade you want!

How to Redeem Other Cards

  1. Log in to your Artix Account, or create a new free account
  2. Click Get Points and select the amount of Artix Points you want.
  3. Choose the payment method, or type of card you wish to use.
  4. Click Buy Now and follow the instructions.

How to Use Artix Points

  1. Log in to your Artix Account
  2. Click on My Games
  3. Scroll down to see a list of game accounts linked to your Artix Account.
    If you do not see the game account listed there, click Link Account
  4. Click on the yellow button under Account Info and Upgrades.
  5. Select a game account, character or game upgrade package.
  6. Confirm your purchase using Artix Points and you're done!

NOTE: It is much faster and easier to purchase Artix Points online using PayPal or Credit Card. Our websites are secure and it makes the moglins happy. But if you are unable to do online purchases or feel safer buying Artix Game Cards in person, they are available at many retail stores.

New to AQWorlds?

Before you can spend your Artix Points, you must already have an AQWorlds game account.
Create a New Game Account


August 23, 2013

More Artix Points and Cards

Feeling like you need some more Artix Points?

Want some extra spins on the Wheel of Doom? When you buy ANY package of Artix Points between now and September 1, 2013, you'll get an extra 10% bonus points if you use one of the following payment methods:

Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, PayPal, Visa Credit Delta/Debit/Electron, Paymentez Credit Card, ClickandBuy

Swaggy has already bought a few packages.

So, if you buy 2000 Artix Points, you'll get an extra 200 for free. Not bad!

That's not enough! I still need more!

You'll also get the extra 10% free bonus Points when you buy our new extra-large 16,000 or 22,000 Artix Points packages! That's an extra 1600 or 2200 Artix Points for free! To take advantage of this sweet deal, log into your Artix account at our portal site!

Last Weekend to GameStop and Go!

Do you live in the United States and have a GameStop nearby? Do you want to unlock epic features like all the other Legends in AQWorlds? AND you want an exclusive item set to show off your Legendary status and make the noobs jealous? GREAT—and here’s how!

Combo Breaker set for GameStop

Due to an overwhelming demand, we have extended the exclusive GameStop offer until this Sunday, August 25. So when you’re out shopping for back-to-school items, swing by a GameStop and:

  • Purchase an Artix Entertainment Game Card
  • Return back home with your glorious plastic artifact
  • Become a Legend by following these instructions
  • Unlock the Combo Breaker Armor Set
  • Become the (AQ)World’s greatest Combo Breaker
  • Show off your C-c-c-combo Breaking Screen Shots on my Twitter and the AQWorlds Facebook Page!

Get up and go to the GameStop nearest you and become the greatest hero—or villain!—you were destined to become!

Back to Schooling Monsters for YOU, Hero!


  • Get 10% more Artix Points when you pay with a credit card before September 1st!, 2013!
  • Plus, two new Artix Point packages are now available, providing even more value!  
  • Use Artix Points to upgrade your account or purchase secondary currency in any Artix Entertainment game!
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