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January 25, 2016

Evolve the Silver Blade of Victory

The AQ3D Backer Quest Reward... IS READY!

Back in November, we asked you to share our AQ3D Kickstarter announcement post on Facebook and retweet Artix's AQ3D Kickstarter announcement tweet. The reward for completing this quest was to unlock a FREE SWORD from Dage the Evil for EVERYONE in AdventureQuest Worlds, AdventureQuest, and DragonFable. The more we surpassed the goal, the BIGGER the reward would get! 

You guys WAY outdid yourselves! We knew you could beat the quest, but you BLASTED through the challenge -- so Dage put stylus to monitor and gave you a great reward to unlock... then made it better... then made it darker AND brighter... then made it EVEN DARKER AND EVEN BRIGHTER! 

Now the choice is yours: log in to AQWorlds to grab Silver Victory Blade from the treasure chest in Battleon, then begin questing to evolve it! The Blade is also available NOW in AdventureQuest, and will release in DragonFable later this week!

How to level up the Silver Blade of Victory

  1. Get a free Silver Victory Blade from the Chest in Battleon.
  2. Complete the "Blade Enchantment Quest" to get Enchantment Rune.
  3. Combine the Silver Victory Blade and Enchantment Rune to unlock Enchanted Victory Blade.
  4. Complete the "Alignment Quest: Light or Dark?" quest to choose a Dark Aura Gem or Bright Aura Gem. 
  5. Combine either the Dark Aura Gem or Bright Aura Gem with the Enchanted Victory Blade to unlock the "Enchanted Shadow Blade" or "Enchanted Mana Blade."
  6. Complete the "Choose: Despair... or Glory?" quest to unlock the Amulet of Despair or the Amulet of Glory.
  7. Combine Amulet of Despaire with Enchanted Shadow Blade to unlock the Shadow Blade of Despair or combine the Amulet of Glory with the Enchanted Mana Blade to unlock the Arcane Blade of Glory.
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