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September 21, 2010


Live-Events, Anniversarys, and Holidays OH MY!

Greetings and salutations friends. It is nearly October... and on the crazy date of 10/10/10 AQWorld's celebrates it's second Birthday... and you are invited to the party as the guest of honor! But nothing here ever goes as planned. Last year, the world was flipped on its head as millions of players BECAME UNDEAD and sieged Liongfang's castle to save the AE Team.... this year, things will be even CRAZIER as all new musical guests will be arriving and *Cysero covers Artix's mouth to stop him from talking* "Sorry guys. You know he can't keep a secret."

Artix: What? I can so keep a secret!
Cysero: No you can't
Artix: Yes I can!
Cysero: No you can't
Artix: Yes I can!
Cysero: Alright, what's a secret you're keeping?
Artix: I have not told a single soul that in my spare time I made an AdventureQuest card game and that Toys R Us found out about it and is actually coming down to meet with us about it! It is really fun. It is a single deck game, a little like Munchin, so you only need one deck for you and your friends to play. It plays super fast for 2 to 4 players. Matches that are 2 vs 2 are my favorite because there are so many fun loopholes in the rules to mess up your opponents big attacks in unpredictable ways!
Cysero: My point exactly.

3 Months of Holiday Special Events!

The final three months of the year are always THE BEST. Mid October, In AQWorlds (and in our other games too!) the haunted holiday of Mogloween begins! The town of Mystcroft will appear with old quests and many new ones. This year we have housing, so we should decorate our houses for Mogloween and have house-to-house trick or treating! Then (assuming you are able to defeat the current Chaos Lord... and he does not win and take over the world) a brand new saga will begin. Steampunk zone? Maybe Doomwood?  In November it is time for the Harvest Festival... and we can try to survive Oishii's cooking! Then, the snow will start falling in December as Frostval approaches -- there will be snow, presents, ice dragons, and Mmmmmm hot moglinberry juice! Then.... it is time for the New Years Party! It all starts with the big birthday bash on 10/10/10 -- which is one event you will NOT want to miss!

Forum Question: What is your favorite Holiday Special Event in AQWorlds?

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