Design Notes

February 21, 2014

A Fractured Alliance

Chaos is On the Rise!

After King Alteon's death, the kingdom of Swordhaven is in upheaval. Alteons daughters Victoria and Tara, along with his son in law Brentan, all lay claim to the throne. As the alliance between good and evil lays shattered, the forces of chaos close in and prepare to attack. It's up to you to battle the coming onslaught and help the people of Lore prepare for war!

Even Time Dragons can help.

As chaorruption spreads over Lore, many of the towns you helped in the past will need your aid again. Tonight, you'll be revisiting Mobius, Arcangrove and Dwarfhold. All have become ruined by chaos, but with you on their side, it may not be too late!

Good & Evil Alliance Shops!

Whether you fight for good or for evil, there's plenty of awesome new gear to collect from he new Good and Evil Alliance rep shops!

Gutter chaos.

  • Alliance Exponent set
  • Chaos Punk mythsong set
  • Chaooze axe & cape
  • Chaotic Forge hammer
  • Epiphaneia sword

Time Dragon Warrior Set Now Available

Unlock all 10 items in the TimeDragon Warrior set with the 12 month upgrade package, or choose from the 6 month upgrade, 3 month upgrade, 5000 AdventureCoin, or 12000 AdventureCoin packages for selected items from the set!

Dragon + Chrono? Yes Please.

Awesome Updates!

New Player Suggestion Items:

  • Dragonfire Of Vengeance sword by TheAvenger07
  • Bright Rypt Sword by Vultex023
  • DarkLuster sword by Reki
  • Twilly & Obake Battlepuppets by El_Rue

Treasure Map Shop Update:

  • Champion Snowboarder armor
  • Champion Snowboarder Goggles
  • Champion Snowboard weapon
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