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March 10, 2016

Happy Birthday, Laken

Laken Levels Up in Life AND in-game!

March is a month of birthdays for members of the Artix Entertainment team, and that makes it time to celebrate! If you don't know who Laken is yet, let's introduce you! Laken, one of our top-notch AQWorlds artists, creates many of our coolest new items, and his NPC stars along with Dage the Evil in the "Laken vs Dage" saga! 

He started playing AQWorlds years ago and started sending us a lot of his artwork... until we kidnapped him and brought him into the team! He's crafted some wicked-good gear for everyone, and you can find the FIRST set in your game menu today!** (The Evolved Laken Adherent set will arrive tomorrow night, with the release.)

In Laken's shop TODAY you'll find:

  • Seraphic Gunslinger armor
  • Seal of the Gunsligher and Legion Breaker Capes
  • Seraphic Flintlock and Legion Breaker guns
  • Seraphic Gunslinger Hat and Stetson helms
  • Dual Seraphic Flintlocks and the Seraphic Pistol and Cannon

Massive March Birthday Month!

I wasn't kidding when I said March was PACKED with AE team member birthdays! From Dage and Laken and Galanoth and Boxer502 to AQW moderators Kiyone and Sephira, all the way to MQ and ED coders Vivi and Rabblefroth, plus forum mods San Robin and Msyu! Happy birthday to them, and to all of you with March birthdays!

PLUS, today is the wiki's anniversary, so you can also find the Loremaster Mogya helm and pets in the Loremaster Rep shop in the Battleontown Librarium!!

* Check out the latest installment now when you /join envy
** All his birthday rares leave on April 1st. 

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