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February 18, 2015

New DRAGONS Game Update!

Introducing Leaderboards and the Exclusive Cookie Clicker Dragon

Have you played Artix’s newest mobile game, AdventureQuest DRAGONS?

cookie clicker dragon in mobile game app adventure quest dragons idle game

If you haven’t… now is the best time to do so! Because the easy-to-pick-up and hard-to-put-down DRAGONS game was just updated with global leaderboards and the exclusive Cookie Clicker dragon, “Krumblor.”

Download the free app at

Fast fact time GO GO GO!

  • Over 5,000 shining reviews on Google Play!
  • Sharing AdventureQuest DRAGONS with 5 friends gets you the Cookie Dragon
  • Introducing Leaderboards... with all bugs squashed!
  • DRAGONS Fan Art Contest starting soon
  • Web version of AQ DRAGONS hatching soon-ish

cookie clicker dragon in mobile game adventure quest dragons just released

Do you have what it takes to become the best Dragon Master? Then prove it at!


May 20, 2013

Tuesday's Artist: Nulgath

Nulgath Stars in This Week's Featured Artist Shop!

Followers of Nulgath, fall in! (If you love awesome art, you should read on, too!) The wait is over, as Nulgath's artwork returns to AQWorlds! He sent over a CRAZY amount of his Oversoul art for us to put together an insanely-awesome Featured Artist shop... and included 60 (SIXTY!) OS characters for us to use as monsters in future releases. /cheer!

Duality of Nulgath set

Wait... What's a Featured Artist Shop?!

Every Tuesday, AQWorlds releases a special Featured Artist Showcase Shop loaded with items made by one of AQW's artists using their own style and flair. Our wonderful artists unleash their creativity to make some truly amazing armors, weapons, helms, and other items just for you! But these items are only available for a limited time, so get the gear while they're still here!

ArchFiend's Art for his Favorite Followers!

You never know what the ArchFiend will summon from the depths of his dark pool of creativity... and we sure didn't expect THIS! ALL the items in Nulgath's Featured Artist Limited Time Shop WILL go rare!

Broodfiend of Nulgath set

The shop will include:

  • Duality of Nulgath set - 600 ACs
  • Celestial Evolution Staff - 150 ACs
  • Fiendish Face - 75 ACs
  • Serene Countenance - 75 ACs
  • Bright Wings - 100 ACs
  • Fiendish Wings - 100 ACs
  • Prime Bloodletter Blade of Nulgath - 2,000 ACs (color-custom)*
  • Dual Vital Bloodletters of Nulgath - 250 ACs
  • Vital Bloodletters of Nulgath Cape - 100 ACs
  • ArchFiend's Sneer Helm - 150 ACs
  • Icy Predator Pet - 300 ACs
  • Double Stealthy Crossbow - 200 ACs
  • Golden Rune Cape - 100 ACs

* Includes a quest to farm Diamonds/Uni 13s/weapon.

Weapons and Capes of Nulgath

  • Broodfiend of Nulgath armor - 45,000 gold (Member only)
  • Vital Bloodletter of Nulgath - 25,000 gold (Member only)
  • Light's Defender Spear and Shield - 20,000 gold (Member only)
  • Valiant Defender Battle Pet - 25,000 gold (Member only)
  • ArchFiend's Sneer Helm - 15,000 gold (Member only)
  • Stealth Crossbow - 17,500 gold (Member only)
  • Ruby Rune Cape - 5,000 gold (Member only)
  • Golden Rune Cape - 5,000 gold (Member only)
  • Victor's Dual Glory Blades - 20,000 gold (Member only)
  • Fiendish Spy Pet - 15,000 gold (Member only)

Bask in the glory of the gear!

  • Victor's Glory Blade - 15,000 gold
  • Undead Gutter - 15,000 gold
  • Emerald Rune Cape - 5,000 gold 
  • Sapphire Rune Cape - 5,000 gold 

September 14, 2012

The Span's First Chaos Beast

Learn from Iadoa before he's fully Chaorrupted!

Take on the ultimate enemy this week in The Span! As Iadoa struggles to battle the Chaorruption infecting him, YOU need to battle the zone's first Chaos Beast! Will he be able to hold on long enough to teach you what you need to know in order to defeat Chaos?

Battle through a reconstruction of the AdventureQuest timeline. Take on a vicious fire dragon, study in the Temple of Hope, and defeat the ultimate Chaos-construct: Carnax, the zone's first Chaos Beast! Of all the creatures and golems he's created so far, Carnax is Iadoa's most EPIC one yet!

Ultra-Carnax drops the Reign Gatekeeper Armor!

After playing through the release, members can access the Member-only Ultra Carnax Challenge Fight! You'll need a whole party, because his knockout LAZAR-punch can hit for 8,000 damage! But that damage is divided by the number of people in your /party! Victory comes with character and Book of Lore badges!


May 25, 2011

AQW Action Figures!?

Because Paladins cannot keep secrets

I posted this to my friends on Facebook and Twitter... but, um, it did not remain very secret. So we wanted to let you all in on it the news. We have officially begun work on AdventureQuest Worlds action figures. They are planned for release during the 10th year anniversary of the original AdventureQuest this October. What you are seeing below is a behind the scenes look at how an actionfigure is sculpted from wax. The sculptor is going to widen the chest and then make the arms. I guess... currently.... some monster has "dis-armed" him. This one should be finished in a few days and then work on Sepulchure will begin! (Shhhh.... keep it sorta secret ok?)

Artix Actionfigure Prototype

Chaos Lord Kimberly is signing her Card for fans

We were just sent a video from Kimberly, lead singer of the band One-eyed Doll (and also surprise-twist AQWorlds Chaos Lord). She took a silly video of herself going into Toys-R-Us and buying our card game! You can get the link to the video on the official the "AQworlds Battle On Battle Card Game" webpage She also has instructoins on how to mail her the card with a stamped, self addressed envelope -- she will sign your "...While rocking out" card and send it back to you.

DoomWood this Friday!

It has been a while since I wrote a zone.... and as everyone predicted I got super carried away with all of the things I wanted to see in this first part of the DoomWood saga. We are in super crunch mode, racing to create as much of it as possible before the release. We are making some very interesting types of quests and some very story heavy cutscenes. I really like that Alina is helping write AQWorlds now -- she is bringing the deep, rich story telling style of DragonFable into our MMO. Nulgath is here at the lab working on the characters, J6 is almost done with the new backgrounds, Cysero is working on the cutscenes, Samba is animating monsters, and Beleen is... at college. Getting smart. Funny story... one of the most impressive brand new characters in DoomWood has A LOT of skulls on his armor. I jokingly told Nulgath that he needed more skulls. Nulgath said.. really? I said, still joking. YES! I just found out that for the past several hours he has been adding several hundred additional skulls to the characters armor O_O. For lag reasons... we might ease back on the skulls... but we will post the full skull version to go for the WORLD RECORD OF ARMOR SKULLS!

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