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May 28, 2015

AdventureCouch Episode #5: Synderes

Artix Interviews Amanda and Anthony from Synderes!

In our newest episode of AdventureCouch, Artix interviews Amanda and Anthony, the lead singer and guitarist from alternative rock band Synderes! Tomorrow night, their band will appear onstage at Yulgar's Inn, and AQWorlds heroes will get a sneak peek of their newest EP!*

free online rpg adventurecouch interview synderes

Synderes is the first real-live band to become game characters and play in Yulgar's Inn! Not only that, but they won iHeart Radio's Rising Star contest and have already filmed two extremely impressive music videos for their singles.

free online rpg adventurecouch interview synderes

At the posting of this video Synderes is in the studio recording. We especially like that Amanda, lead singer and her brother are surprisingly long time players of AE video games. In addition to being the face of the band, Amanda has always played legit, and.. is it just me, or does she look A LOT like Gravelyn on that cover pic of this video?

free online mmo rpg synderes
Become an instant fan of the band:

An EP album is a collection of songs, usually shorter than a full album, that artists use to showcase their talent and to help build their audience.


March 10, 2015

AdventureCouch #3: Meet Mack Roesch

Watch Artix and Mack Roesch on AdventureCouch!

The newest episode of AdventureCouch, Artix Entertainment's video Design Notes, is live! You can watch Artix and Mack Roesch, winner of Stone Cold Steve Austin's "Broken Skull" TV show, as they review his competition run, excel at push ups (and downs), and plan out his new NPC: PteroMack, DinoWarrior!

Watch the video here!

Then head in-game and begin the hunt for his NPC and quest! Once you complete his challenge, you'll unlock the SkullCrusher mace!

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