Design Notes

February 01, 2012

The Heir to Cornelis

Hodan Cornelis Is The Last Of The Cornelis Line!

He has wandered the face of Lore for years and has returned to reclaim his family's ancestral home from roving gargoyles and twisted Chaos magic!

He needs you help to find his family vault hidden in the maze-like ruins of the once great city of Cornelis. Until he has the Cornelis Title which proves he is the last true heir to Cornelis, he can do nothing to restore his home.

That's where you come in!

Defeat the invaing Gargoyles, defend the city, uncover the vault's secret location (with a little help from yours truly) and solve the RuneSweeper puzzle to unlock the treasures of the Cornelis Family Vault!


This Mid-week release also comes with a Member Only Character Page Badge for unlocking the treasure chest within the Cornelis Vault! Thanks to everyone on the forums for your fresh ideas about the Mid-Week Reward Systems!

PS: MEMBERS - your two FREE Treausure Chest keys are available once you do your monthly quest to get them!

Quibble Comes Friday!

We will, we will ROCK YOU with this earth-shakingly awesome armor by Dage! The Exosuit Binsoku will transform at your command; all you need to do is click the part of the armor you wish to change!

Exosuit Binsoku: For hard-headed heroes and hard-hearted villains!

We'll have many more items in Quibble stock, too! Make sure you don't miss Quibble Coinbiter's bevy of elementally excellent items in this Etherstorm edition of his time-traveling shop!


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