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July 10, 2017

Summer AC Giveaway

Log in for a chance to get 1000 FREE AdventureCoins!

Summer’s here, and so is our newest saga - the 7 Deadly Dragons! To celebrate your victory over the Dragon of Gluttony, we’re giving away 1000 AdventureCoins to one lucky hero each day until July 31st! 

How to Enter

All you need to do is log in! Each day until July 31st, we'll pick one hero who's logged in within the last 24 hours and give them 1000 FREE AdventureCoins!

(That means today's winner came from everyone who logged in yesterday. Tomorrow's winner will come from everyone who logs in today.)

Daily Winners

10: Spam and Reeses
11: TitaniumQwaser
12: Afking
13: Amy 104
14: thefallenkingdom
15: Holy Black Knight
16: 5eta17: Faris
18: Poor Maiden
19: Virus Eyes
20: Thekunz11
21: Tom Felton
22: Grizzzzz
23: London191
24: grove48
25: Hathor
26: jjgarv
27: the white fatalis
28: Miyyahh
29: amelia foster
30: ReckTehSkrubs
31: strongwiper

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