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April 05, 2019

Beat the Heat, It's Party Time!

Celebrate the Solar New Year in BloodTusk with a WATER WAR!

Log in this week and get ready for a FLOOD of hot new gear as we celebrate the Solar New Year in Bloodtusk Ravine with the Water War Festival! This weekend's update is inspired by the real-life Songkran Festival in Thailand and other countries, where they wipe the old year clean... with water guns and balloons!

  • Fight the heat (and solar monsters)
  • Wield water guns and toss water balloons 
  • Check out the war merge shop

This week's event was inspired by AQ3D and AQWorlds artist, Darkon. We loved his designs and wanted to weave them into the existing world of Lore. 

Talk to Aquella the Water Elf (who many of you long-time AE heroes will recognize from AdventureQuest and DragonFable), Keeper of the Water Guns. She'll guide you through the festival... but there is only one REAL goal -- to have fun and get SOAKED! 

Find her Water War Merge Shop featuring gear from Darkon and Crulon, then fight the Temple Gibbons to get 0 AC battlepets and regular pets. Raise the War Meter to 100% to unlock the War Boss and even more rewards!

April 1st Surprise War Still Available

On Monday, we launched the April Fool's in-game event -- a war of PUNTASTIC proportions. You can find the rare war drops and shops in-game until at least April 15th. The war map and the Nekomancer armor set will be permanent additions, so if you don't have time to farm the gear, never fear!

PAL 9001's Takeover Event Details

In the April Event Calendar, we called April the "Month of War," and that's no joke! (Even if the event was full of them.) Heroes needed to take out all 40,001 op-pun-ents and turn in war medal quests to raise the war meter and fight for drops:

  • Doge the Bounty Hunter Helm
  • A Salt and Battery daggers  
  • A Salt mace  
  • Rusty is a Lyin’ Pet  
  • Disarmed daggers
  • Catmera pet or Battlepet

Take on the boss for its war drops:

  • Hobo HighLord CLASS (using the No Class skills)
  • Blinding Axe of Destiny Lite
  • Saladbolg
  • PAL 9001 Pet

PAL 9001's Punderful Plunder

Talk to Artix in Battleon or in /pal9001 to check out the event rare gear shop and the war merge shop! Find a host of painfully punny items inspired by some of your favorite items and ours.*

Event Rare Gear

  • SharkCaster armor set
  • Ducky Naval Commander set pieces**
  • Baby SharkCaster pet + battlepet
  • Hobo Highlord armor

Battle any of the monsters in the event map to get Punadin Badges to use in the war merge shop. 

  • Nekomancer armor set pieces (will not go rare)
  • Even more Ducky Helms and Weapons
  • Baby SharkCaster pet (for Legion Tokens + Punadin Badges)

* Shoutout to K0rey, AQW Streamer and player, who theorized that this YARRR's event would be pirate-themed. So, SO close!

** The most appropriate time to release this armor was always going to be April Fools. The idea quacked the dev team up!

A Game of Groans... Before the War

We have a ton of combat-heavy updates heading your way this month - we're starting the Queen of Monsters' Finale Saga with the 2-week War of Shadows. There's going to be darkness, death, pain, and a few new allies. That's why the team wanted this year's April Fool's update to be light-hearted and a throwback to the humor of the earliest days.

A HUGE tip of the hat to AQW Community Artist and player, ShadowSlayer Rei, whose Nekomancer armor suggestion inspired the entire theme of this year's April Fools event. (I am still seriously surprised that we have never done a Nekomancer set before. It is about time!... Ok, no. It is about cats. But still.)

* There are 10 kinds of enemies in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don't. The combat engine and the AQWorlds servers have not REALLY been infected, hacked, or put at risk... unless you think puns are the most dangerous form of humor.

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