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November 02, 2010

ShadowCon 2010

Visit our booth at the convention this weekend!

Want to meet me and other members of the AE team? This weekend, we will be running a booth at the ShadoCon convention! It starts Friday (Nov 5th, 2010) and ends Sunday in Tampa, Florida. See the official ShadoCon website for details. One-eyed Doll will be there too! I am also excited about meeting the voice actors of Gohan, Goten/Videl, & Brolly from DragonBall Z. We will have the new AdventureQuest Novel with us (which also goes on sale at HeroMart this week) and will have 50 pre-release copies of our 2011 Calendar. Oh, and feel free to bring anything you want us to sign! (Except legal documents transfering ownership of Artix Entertainment*)

* You will not fool me TWICE EbilCorp!

Who will be there & what days 

Friday: Artix, Cysero, Faith & Thyton (Nythera later in the day)
Saturday: Artix, Nythera, NightWraith, Zazul, & random others
Sunday: Titan... the tall man stands alone. He is like 6' 6"+ (Faith & Ai No Miko will be there too!)

Behind the Scenes

This is a very personal post... so I hope you do not mind me continuing the story here. Months ago I had invited One-Eyed Doll (OED) and Voltaire to stay with me during their visit. Voltaire is also in town, but he is accepting an award for his short film at a film festival also taking place in Tampa. There was a catch... as of two weeks ago, my house was not finished being built... no floors, no hot water.... pretty much of anything (doors, cabinets, toilets, some walls... you know... missing the little things.) So naturally I told them their rooms would be ready when they got here. (I am an optimist!) I made a pretty bold statement on the design notes that anyone was capable of doing anything if you truly committed yourself and NEVER GIVE UP. Well, the day after that post we ran into some pretty bad problems. Big show stoppers like not being able to get the certificate of occupancy requires that the water rooms all be completed and other legal mumbo jumbo. But... believe it or not... because I made that design notes post I felt like I really had something to prove. So I found a way to solve every single problem and it WILL be ready in time. When Zhoom heard that I was running house construction like we run a game release he started laughing pretty hard. With only 2 days until EOD shows up, I am pleased to announce their room is already ready!!! ...of course, it is the DeathKnight room with a giant shadowscythe logo and skeletons pushing through the walls. (I am an interior decorator's worst nightmare.... pictures coming later this week, promise! There is even a little black deathnotebook-looking thing that anyone who spends a night in the room gets to sign.) The Paladin room (my room) is not done however.... and legally, I will not allowed use my bathroom or shower this weekend. For only being 1.5 weeks the before/after pictures are pretty hard to believe. The first night I will spend there will be when OED gets there.  I have been spending early mornings there and all day at the lab working on the games. I have not had as much time to write or post lately... but that is all about to change soon! The point of this post, and I would like to restate.... YOU CAN DO ANYTHING as log as you NEVER GIVE UP no matter what trouble seems to block your way. Persistance is the key to accomplishing anything you want in life. But please know, if I smell a little ripe during the convention... that is just the smell of persistance*!

* Kidding... I will use another shower. Or maybe just stand outside in the rain.

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