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February 11, 2014

Lag Fix #1: Temporary Server Rollback

Engine reverted to improve performance

Due to the vast number of awesome gameplay additions, functionality, classes, and new challenge boss fights we've released over the past few months, we have strained our servers almost to the limit. You may have seen our plans to rebuild them better, faster, and stronger, but before we do THAT, we need to stabilize them.

So we are rolling back the game's engine to a version live in early December. Earlier today, we tested the rollback on Evil Sir Ver and Cysero servers and received overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback, so we are rolling back the rest of our servers tonight.

What that means for you and your gameplay

This rollback will change how the classes released in December and January work (because we write new code for each new class, and we are reverting it). Dumoose has changed the skills so that the classes DO work, but the skills are not the same. This is NOT a permanent change. These classes will return to normal once we are done working on the servers.

The fableforest and librarium maps have also been removed, as we made significant changes to the game's engine in order to release them.

You will still keep all of your gameplay progress!

You will not lose any progress you've made over the last few months. The following remain unchanged:

  • Your storyline and quest progress
  • Your Reputation or Class rank
  • Your inventory items

You SHOULD see:

  • Less lag in chat and combat
  • Faster room joins
  • Fewer disconnects

Please let us know how this works for you on Twitter, Facebook, and the forum!

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