Design Notes

June 15, 2016

Progress Report of all Reports

Who wants updates on what's happening in AQWorlds?!

According to Twitter, Facebook, emails, and messages in-game... YOU DO! So let's get down to it!

Server Rewrite Update

Yorumi and M are cranking out the updates, and everything you guys have been finding on the testing servers has been very helpful. (THANKS!) Here is what we have left to work on:

  • Onoing: bug fixing (based on what you find) and confirming all the fixed glitches
  • Fishing tradeskill*
  • PvP memory leak (estimated fix date: this Friday)
  • Fixing mod report functionality¬†

This may sound like a lot, but Yorumi and M have made good progress on each of these, and we are ironing out the wrinkles (and smashing the bugs).

* Fishing is the only tradeskill that will go live with Phase 1 of the server rewrite. We want to rebuild Alchemy and spellcrafting to be better, faster, and more of what YOU want them to be!

The rewrite has taken a fair bit longer than we expected, but we are essentially rebuilding the game. It's like if you have a car that doesn't run very well, so you replace the engine but leave the interior the exact same. You'll notice improvement in how the car performs, but not how soft the car seat fabric is. 

Our goal is to make the game's engine run super-smoothly, and we are on track to do just that!

AC Generation Glitch

If you saw Twitter over the weekend, or logged in to see the testing servers had disappeared, you may have heard about an AC generation glitch. The glitch (which was only abused by around 20 people), was quickly fixed thanks to player reports and the swift escalation by our whitehats (these are the good-guy testers with the extra-handy programming power).

All is well with the glitch, and those who exploited it to get free ACs have had them removed and their accounts disabled until they can write in to Player Support for more information.

Testing Mission Sprocket

Those of you who have completed quests on the testing server may have noticed a new item dropping from ALL quests - the Testing Mission Sprocket! Save up enough of these babies and you'll be able to turn them in for the 0 AC Sir Ver Bank Pet, a wicked-cool PTR testing reward!

Remember: as you find issues testing quests, killing monsters, and running around the game, please report them on the Bug Tracker!

Coming Releases

WOAH I hope you like your brain broken! This week is the Death Arena PvP release... but NEXT week we start the three-part 4th Dimensional Pyramid story. It begins with the Black Hole Sun War next Friday, followed by Sekt's story in the 4th Dimensional Pyramid, and then the all-player bonus release!

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