Design Notes

January 24, 2017

Server Rewrite and Client Update

We need your feedback, the clock is counting down!

Hello all! We are down to the wire and may -- depending on your feedback -- be able to release the new server and client this Spring. It really does depend on what reports and comments you send in - that's why we're doing another push to get everyone to take a look at our PTR servers. 

Here are some changes you can expect to see

  1. Tradeskills are still being built - we are designing all-new, more fun systems for them. The new server gives us much more flexibility with these!

  2. LUK enhancement changes

    1. These will only work for luck based classes now

    2. For everything else, make sure you equip enhancements geared for your class like fighter for str based classes and wiz for int based classes

  3. Parry has been added (a chance to reduce incoming damage)

  4. Monsters and players regen hp/mp in combat

  5. Bonuses stack now, including from gear

  6. You get extra exp/cp etc from killing monsters higher level than you

  7. PVP is currently disabled on the PTR servers. Those will be turned back on this week.

The addition of gear boost stacking means you guys can get some incredibly high boosts, especially when we do serverwide boosts. 

Send us your comments and feedback!

Right now, we NEED you all to log into the PTR servers - that's Zorbak, Safiria, Testing Server 1 and 2 -- and run around and play the game like normal. 

Let us know if it "feels" right, what feels wrong, and what is still broken. Report any bugs you do find to the Bug Tracker and post any feedback you have to this thread on our forum!

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