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February 18, 2014

Server Changes

New AQW Servers: Better, Stronger, Faster!

When you logged in today, you probably noticed a LOT of new servers. Thanks to all of you who have supported AQWorlds over the last year, Captain Rhubarb has acquired newer, FASTER servers! When we say we could not build these games without you, we mean it!

Llussion is testing their load-bearing properties.

He's been working tirelessly over the last week and a half to test the increased performance and stability. (If you were one of the Hidden Grotto testers, thanks for helping us test!) Now that we're sure the new servers (and their hamsters) are aligned, we are retiring some of the old servers and replacing them with the new ones.

The original Espada will be replaced with Espada2 (which will be renamed Espada). And now that the Samba/Hidden Grotto's test period is done, J6 has finally (at long last) gotten his own server! When he found out, here is what he said:

We are not re-renaming the server to George.

The Minimal and Zazul servers are being combined during these changes, but in order to let Minimal fans have a way to show their server spirit, we're going to make a Minimal Server house item. Other suggestions have been a Minimal Knight and a Minimal house (something bigger on the inside?!)... what are YOUR ideas?

End of Server Zoning Experiment Coming Soon!

Last April, we began the server zoning experiment, which tested grouping our Filipino players into their own server (and Member servers if they were upgraded). We wanted to see if this would make AQW a safer, happier game for our players, and help make selecting servers easier to understand.

An experiment is, by definition, a test. To be specific, it is "an orderly procedure carried out with the goal of verifying, refuting, or establishing the validity of a hypothesis". After several months observing data and listening to player feedback, we found that returning to an open server model is the better model for the majority of players.* Talim will become an international server, and ALL servers will be open to all players once more.**

Thank you all for battling alongside us as we work to make our game - and its servers - safe and fun to play on! We could not ask for a better, more incredible community of heroes... You rock!

Results: We found that just having the language-specific Battleons is the better option.
** You will still need to upgrade your account to access Sir Ver or Evil Sir Ver.

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