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October 07, 2019

Event Rares Leave Tonight

Last Chance for TLaPD, Friday the 13th, and Dage x Faith Event Rares

LAST CHANCE! Our Talk Like a Pirate Day x Friday the 13th events, Cursed Collection Chest, and the Dage x Faith wedding shop leave tonight. You have only a few hours left to pick up the event rares before they're gone for good. 

Quibble Coinbiter leaves Battleon in just a few hours, along with his Cursed Collection Chest, containing over 150 rare holiday items!

The Cursed Collection Chest is available for 10,000 ACs and contains ALL of Quibble Coinbiter's 2019 Friday the 13th x Talk Like a Pirate Day rare items (over 44,000 ACs worth of gear). This magic chest comes from the very depths of the dark sea, and has over 150+ items from all of Quibble's rare sets.

Cursed Collection Chest pet: 10,000 ACs

  • 8 Naval Commander armor sets
  • 3 Pirate Captain armor sets
  • Crimson Captain + Crewmember set
  • 100+ accessories and weapons 
  • 3 pets with quests for additional accessories
  • 2 Bank pets: Abyssal and Pyroclastic Quibble pets
  • Unlucky Parrot of DOOM Pet w/ quest for exclusive character page badge

This is a BOATLOAD of loot, but for you collectors (and would-be denizens of the sea) out there, the Cursed Collection treasure chest will overflow! 

Wedding Rares Shop

  • Formal Dark Caster armor + accessories
  • Dage X Faith Wedding Outfit + accessories
  • Dage x Faith Cake Pet (member gold + AC variants)
  • Sapphire Eternal Flame
  • Underworld Eternal Flame
  • Paragon Ringbearer Pet (with Legion Farming Quests)
  • Bouquet of Faith
  • Formal Paragon Cane
  • Formal Battle Cane

Undead Legion Merge Shop

  • Legion Wedding Outfit + accessories
  • Teal Eternal Flame
  • Legion Eternal Flame
  • Paragon's Gift Pet
  • Smilin' Dage Wedding Helm
  • Formal Paragon Cane
  • Formal Battle Cane

Sayn's Birthday Blade Now Available!

AQ3D tester, musician, artist, sodium chloride-lover... Sayn is all of these things and more. Including one year older! To celebrate his real-life level up, he's crafted a new weapon just for you - the Malthael. Battle the Legion Lich Lord in /frozenlair for a chance to get his seasonal rare blade!

Malthael is the Celestial Knight in charge of the gate between the Celestial Realm and the Infernal Realm. In his weapon form it is told that he is able to break any spell thrown at him and send it flying back with double the force.

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