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October 02, 2015

Sentinel Class Update

Upgrade Now to Automatically Become a 7th Upholder!

7th Upholder is live in AdventureQuest Worlds! As a 7th Upholder, you'll receive this year's starswords, a character page, access to the Dragonroad area, and the exclusive Sentinel Upholder Class! And this year, the Class's skills have received updated skills!

The Sentinel Class can be found in any upholder or founder store in the book of lore. If you don’t have it yet don’t worry. You have a chance to become an upholder every year and our 7th upholder offer is currently going on now! If you do have the Sentinel class be sure to take it out for another spin and see the new changes for yourself.


Sentinel’s Strike

Damage output slightly reduced

This is to account for the huge amount of DPS that can be achieved from using adrenaline rush.

Active endurance

Cooldown reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds

The heal was not sufficient enough. The class is much more sustainable and won’t cave under pressure if used correctly


Adrenaline rush

Cooldown reduced from 22 seconds to 8 seconds

Attempting to stack results in a slightly bigger self DoT (You don’t have to stack it)

The original idea behind sentinel was that it was high risk high reward. If you want to risk it you can loop it and do increased damage and attack more often (that includes healing a lot more often too) Have fun with this.


Damage slightly reduced

This is to account for the huge amount of DPS that can be achieved from using adrenaline rush.


War Veteran

Changed from 15% increased to Strength to a 15% incoming damage reduction.

This should help Sentinel survive more effectively.


Rank 10 passive

Changed from a 15% Dexterity buff to a 10% Dexterity and Strength buff

This is to account for the changes to the first passive.

These changes should make sentinel more useful and give you more options while using it. This class is much more sustainable and powerful now. Remember the timing of adrenaline rush at the right time is key and you will probably always be wanting to spam your heal.

You have a distinct damage and recovery phase which you can essentially swap between at will. If you have a healer, or support class you should be able to stay under the effects of adrenaline rush permanently so it still encourages team play like the original version.


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