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June 10, 2016

Roses and Gold Rares Shop

Put on your Rose Colored Glasses as we celebrate PINK!

It's time to put on your rose colored glasses as we prepare for the "Roses and Gold" limited time shop! We've had a ton of fans asking for a pink-themed version of our Black Friday rares shop (where we take your favorite gear and rework them in shades of black)... and this week, we are delivering!

We asked for your ideas on Twitter, and got FLOODED with requests! We can't create all of them, but we DO have some really awesome, pink gear coming your way starting tonight! In honor of Beleen the Pinkomancer's unbirthday*, the Roses and Gold shop will be available until July 1st. 

Take a look at a full list of what's releasing in the list below:


  • Troubador of Love
  • BattleMage of Love
  • Sakura Cryomancer


  • Pink Data Runner
  • Gold and Roses
  • Sakura Cryomancer
  • Rouge Lord and Lady
  • BattleMage of Love Armor
  • Pepto Spectro
  • Think Pink Cheerleader
  • Celestial Love Commander
  • Pinkality of Nulgath
  • Rougeweaver
  • Ravin' Legion Raven
  • Pastel Skyguard Captain


  • Electric Loveletter Opener
  • The Pink Redemption
  • Rose Flaming Fists
  • Dual Electric Loveletters
  • Whip of Love
  • Roses on Fire Batons
  • Beamsword of Love
  • Celestial Love Sword
  • Rose of Ragnarok


  • Pink Redemption Helmet
  • Rogue Lord Helm
  • Data Runner Helmet
  • Horc-a Horc-a Burning Love
  • Pepto Wyld Hoodie
  • Pepto Wyld Hoodie Locks
  • Celestial Helm of Love
  • Ravin' Legion Raven Hood


  • Roses and Gold Flame
  • Pepto Spectro Tail
  • Celestial Wing of Love
  • Ravin' Legion Raven Rune


* Technically, every day besides your birthday is your UNbirthday, but we thought it would be the most fun to release this shop the week of her six-month unbirthday! 6 more months until Beleen's birthday shop arrives.

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