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May 07, 2015


Artix, Cysero & Beleen return to AQWorlds this Summer

Return of the Living Dev

This is an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!  This summer, all of AQWorld's former game leads will be returning to work directly on AQWorlds. WHAT!? Yes. We will be kicking our blockbuster summer event off by having Artix (excited), Beleen (fun), and Cysero (crazy) rejoin the AQWorlds team to design, write, and help create brand new adventures. Because each of them have such a dramatically different storytelling and humor style.... we decided to split them up and give each of them a week to do whatever they want. This will also allow them to continue working on their other video game projects while giving AQWorlds a lot of love and creativity. They will be pitching their plots, monsters and adventure areas next week... then fight to the death over who gets to have the first summer release. Anyone else get the feeling that this is going to get a little competitive? Keep your eyes on the design notes for more!


  • NPC Band to appear in Yulgar's next week! (Our first musical guest soon to follow)
  • AdventureQuest 3D has new monsters, cave map, and combat skills in development
  • Script for new AQWorld's storyline video currently being written
  • EpicDuel team has a side mobile project: BioBeasts
  • Designs for improved AQWorlds interface found on walls at the lab
  • Experimenting with interesting ways to boost graphics speed in AQWorlds
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