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June 16, 2017

Reshaper Finale: Blood and Monsters

War is coming to the Darkblood, Hero!

Dark days are upon us, Hero. Kolyaban the Reshaper grows stronger every day. Her newest protege has the power to turn every beast and plant on Lore against us. The people and creatures we know and loved are... not the same. They will never be the same again.

This weekend, battle to fight Eremon and the army of Darkblood Loyalists! Work with Madra to drive them back and save our world from being broken and rebuilt into something darker, deadlier, and much more monstrous!

Darkblood Civil War Rewards

Slay your opponents in the war for a chance to get war medals. Turn those in to unlock exclusive war rewards! Once the war meter hits 100%, you'll be able to battle for a chance to get the Darkblood Zealot armor set, too.

Hit the Beach to Battle On with Summer Gear!

The Summer Shop will have all the returning seasonal rares you guys love to battle in, plus our Father's Day and Graduation celebration gear!

... And introducing this year's Limited Edition 2017 Surfboards! Last year's 2016 Designs are gone for good but this year's really rival them in style! 

  • Nulgath's Metamophosis surfboard 
  • Queen of Monsters surfboard (seasonal)
  • Dynamic Duo (Warlic + Cysero) surfboard
  • Legendary Twilly surfboard
  • and more!

Like summer, the Summer Shop won't be around forever and once these rares are gone they won't be returning so take advantage of them while you can!

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