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August 09, 2013

Drakath and Quibble are Back!

Quibble Coinbiter Arrives in Battleon!

Head to Battleon to find Quibble Coinbiter and his shop full of Good, Evil, and Chaos gear! Hear his rumors of the 12th Lord of Chaos, then /join chaoswar to take on Drakath's army of Chaorrupted creatures as they attack across Lore! 

Drakath wants YOU... to fall to Chaos!

Quibble Coinbiter: Vital Info

Quibble is everyone’s favorite traveling sales Moglin, collecting never-before-seen items to add to your inventory! His connection with a slightly corrupt time-travel fairy lets him gear that hasn't even been created yet!

Shadowmage AssassinThe Shadowmages Assassin wield dark power!

He'll be in Battleon all week long, and will receive some new gear NEXT Friday, too! He never stays in one place long and we have no idea when (or if) he will be back. If he DOES come back, it will be with new items, though... if the wheel of fortune spins in your favor, someday you MAY see some of the items return!

Royal Battlemage set
The Royal Battlemage battles to honor King Alteon

What Will Quibble Coinbiter Bring?

If you've seen Quibble appear before, you know that his arrival heralds the beginning of the next Chaos Saga... soTHIS time around, he's bringing gear from crafted in honor of your favorite people: King Alteon and Empress Gravelyn

The Spellswords of Good, Evil, and Chaos!

 Tomorrow night, find the following armors in Quibble's shop:

  • Royal Battlemage
  • Glorified Spellsword of Light
  • Shadowscythe Assassin
  • Shadowfall Champion
  • Spellsword of Light
  • Chaotic Spellsword of Light

  • Magus Greatsword
  • Empowered Magus Greatsword
  • Magus Shortsword
  • Poignant Blade
  • Poignant Daggers
  • Chaotic Doomblade
  • and more!

Will YOU Drive Back the Chaos Attacks?

Slay the Chaorrupted creatures invading the cities and towns across Lore... before they cause so much Chaos there's no Lore left to defend! Things have been too quiet for Drakath, Champion of Chaos, so he loosed his Chaos minions and they're free to play games with your mind... and wreak havoc on your world!

Shadowfall ChampionStop them as a Shadowfall Champion!

Wasn't This a War Before?

The war against Chaos is NEVER over! But you're right, this WAS a chaos war the first time it appeared in-game. To prevent lag spikes caused by how MANY people were fighting in the war, we removed it for a time. 

Chaorrupted Gorillaphants go ape for heroes to slay!

We've brought the release back, but this time it is a static war, which means that YOU are the only one fighting it. Only your battles will count towards the progression of your war meter. All of the shops have returned, as well. The rare gear in the Lore's Defender shop will leave permanently in two weeks.

Chaos Boss Challenge!!

Once you've quested through all of the lands being attacked AND taken down the Chaos Knight, you can access the /chaosboss map for a Ultra Chaos Warrior challenge battle! Defeat him to unlock a brand-new cutscene with your favorite two-faced villains!

Unexpected Chaos War Items!

And to make sure you NEVER rely on the things you encounter when facing Chaos monsters, Drakath instructed his war boss to reward you with the Chaorrupter Blade*, which deals EXTRA DAMAGE to Chaos creatures, if you defeat him!

I'd wish you Good Knight, but these were Chaorrupted.

Versions of the Chaorrupter Blade

  • Free-player version drops from the boss monster!
  • Member and AC versions of the blade will have a higher Damage rate 
  • Member and AC versions of the blade will be sold in the war camp shop
  • When the final confrontation against Drakath comes, having the weapon WILL change how your battle against him works!
    (Can't tell you how yet, the Clerics of Order have not yet deciphered the secret scrolls.)
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