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May 03, 2019

Shadows of War: When Dragons Rage

The War for the Queen of Monsters is NOT over

Last week, we faced Malgor the ShadowLord's army as we fought to storm the Queen of Monsters' castle. What happened after the war was explosive. And if you have been following the Queen's Saga, very unexpected. Now, after refusing to ally with the ShadowLord, we face an eternity imprisoned by his shadows... unless we can escape!

This weekend, battle alongside Varga the WarFury as you attempt to escape Malgor's army and his newly-conquered castle.

... Who is Varga, the WarFury?


She is Varga, Goddess of War.* Though this is the first time we have met her, she has known your hero since you they were born. Your drive to fight in defense of Lore is a gift from her... indeed, all of this world’s greatest warriors have felt her divine inspiration.

* There is much we should learn about the Goddess of War. And about being the Dragon of Time. Titles are tricky things.

The Queen's Finale is only the beginning 

This war will change the course of history, and the fate of our world. And you. As the Eternal Dragon of Time, you hold a greater power than most of the beings in this Universe. There are others out there with powers to match yours, and you will encounter some of them over the course of this saga. But not today.

Today, you must fight to reach the Queen of Monsters. We are leading up to a pivotal point in time, where we discover her fate... and yours. Only by entering her throne room can the story REALLY begin. 

And, as we've come to expect with the Queen of Monsters... things are getting a liiiiiittle Chaotic. Because we're really starting at the end. As you battle through the chapters of the Queen of Monsters' finale saga that take place over the coming months, you will...

  • Fight to learn more about the Queen of Monsters' ultimate fate
  • Unlock the powers you've lost, and some you've yet to discover
  • Uncover the truth about the Queen's newest adversary

The allies you'll meet, new gods you'll encounter, and the enemies you face -- everything that happens from this moment on will lead you towards your destiny. Towards a decision only YOU can make.

The future is now. It is Time for the Queen of Monsters' Finale Saga to begin. 

AQWorlds Shakes Up Cinco de Mayo!

Break some skulls and SHAKE your way to victory! Grab your maracas and straighten your sombreros because the sweetest fiesta-filled fantasy game to play on Cinco de Mayo is AQWorlds... and we're getting the party started right now with the return of all our best Batalla gear. And a /shake of the maracas to AQW community artist PP2 for creating this festive new set and Mariachi Memet pet!

Northlands Royalty + Void ChronoCommander Note

Next week, the Chromium Canister and Titanium Trove (which unlock the Tier 2 armor sets from our December/January packs) will move out of the badge shops into the Curio Shop in battleontown. More details will follow next week.

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