Design Notes

February 24, 2017

Join Nythera's Justice Squad

Quest to sign Nythera's Scroll of Laws and Unlock Rewards

Nythera is the head of the Player Support team. She and her two battle-companions, Neveya and Vidra, are here to help all our heroes whenever they have account issues. But because the world of Lore can be dangerous, we have certain rules all our players need to follow - they help everyone play friendly and fair, and help keep you safe. 

To make it easier for everyone to find and know the rules, Nythera is now parked right in the center of town with a basic list of rules, a quest, and an achievement. 

Our goal is to make sure EVERYONE understands the rules. That way, you won't break them. (And if you do... it will be intentional. Please don't break the rules. We want you to keep your accounts!)

Nythera's Scroll of Rules

  1. Enjoy playing AQWorlds! Do not bot, cheat, or use any programs to help you play.
  2. Keep your account safe. Do not share, trade, give away, or sell your account. 
  3. Keep your password secure. Do not share it, or ask anyone else for their password.
  4. Be friendly! Do not harass, insult, or threaten anyone.
  5. Do not upgrade other players' accounts. Buy them a gift certificate instead!

Check out a full list of the rules here:

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