Design Notes

August 25, 2018

Official OverSoul Tournament of Champions

Calling all OverSoul Fans!

Hello everyone! It’s your favorite doggo here, Asuka! Recently we mentioned Oversoul and a lot of you seemed to be trying your best to get it up and running again. We appreciate your valiant attempts and decided to do something for you while you play, level and explore!

We are running an Oversoul Tournament for how much love and care you have been giving Oversoul from everyone in the community! We saw one generous player’s tournament D a w n and were inspired to do our very own as well! We are unleashing our latest tournament! There are very specific rules so be sure to listen closely if you’re interested in entering.

There will be two groups of around 32 each

What this means is there will be limited entry because of size and sheer numbers of possible entrants, but worry not! If this one is successful, we may do more in the coming future!

There may be a ban list of specific characters!

While we would love for you to use your fancy and awesome characters, we do know some are just..Really, really unfair to battle against most of the time. Custom decks may save one or two but we realize not everyone has this option. There will be a list available on my Twitter at @AsukaAE after this design notes has been posted and before the tournament heads under way. Worry not though! We will try to be as lenient as possible!

We will set the time and date of your match for you

This one will be tough but regarding to this please follow the criteria when entering for it. Make sure to pay attention to my Twitter at @AsukaAE  to see your matchups of the day. You will have up to 24 hours to complete your duel. If you do not reach this requirement, you will be forfeited and your opponent will advance to the next round so please do your absolute best to pay attention!

We are going by the honor system

Since we cannot spectate actual matches, we will take screenshots of deciding duels. Please do not alter any images. If we find you to try and cheat or be dishonorable, we may disqualify you from current and future competitions at our discretion.

Please be sure to send me the screenshots of the duel at the end.  You can each send one, or you may decide between yourselves before the duel begins who will send it.

Okay I read all the rules. Now, how can I enter?

To enter, you will need to tweet to on Twitter with the following the criteria that will be needed at @AsukaAE with the following. Selection will be from both Twitter and the forums so please do enter. It will be a very first come, first serve kind of situation.

Please follow this criteria when entering. It will allow me to help set up matches the best way I can. Failure to do so will be an unqualified entry.

Oversoul Name in Game:


Rank Tier and Level(s) of intended character(s) you will use:

Twitter or Forums name for contacting you (optional): 
(This is in case you need a reminder on your match. Otherwise, a no show will result in a disqualification)

Will there be more tournaments or other things similar to this?

If this goes all according to plan with a positive reaction and willingness to enter then this will very much so continue to happen! We love and appreciate all your efforts and hate for them to go to waste.

Banned Characters

Neutral List:
Fiend of Vergill Boss
Witchblade Boss

Fire List: N/A

Ice List: N/A

Energy List:
Volt Engineer

Earth List:
Earth Elemental
Great Pumpking

Water List: N/A

Light List: N/A

Shadow List:
Ancient Shogun
Black Dragon
Nulgath's Shadow

Chaos List:
Chaos Drakath
Drakath Fiend

So I can use anyone not on the ban list?

You can! We will allow anyone from to use whatever they have that isn’t listed from level 1 to level 20. Be sure to use those legendary level 20s to good use!

Will there be prizes?

What’s a competition without some very useful prizes? We have something for 1st and 2nd place.

Grand Prize winner will receive 100 Soul Gems

Our 2nd place winner will receive 40 Soul Gems

I wish you all the best of luck in the tournament!

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