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September 28, 2018

October 2018 Event Calendar

This Month: 10th Anniversary + Mogloween

Log in all month long as we celebrate our 10th anniverday! Birthday gifts, free AdventureCoins, and new achievement tracker rewards, plus the two-part birthday story - battle as Sepulchure as you work with Noxus the Lich to create the evil, iconic flying dracolich fortress, ShadowFall. 

September 28: 10th upholder begins + Guardians of Time upgrade bonus gear

October 1: ChronoStriker seasonal showcase set arrives
October 4: National Taco Day shop returns
October 5: Mogloween seasonal events return
October 12: 10th birthday event, part 1 feat. Sepulchure and Noxus
October 19: 10th birthday event, part 2
October 26: New Mogloween event for 2018

Also coming this month...

  • 10th Birthday Class: ShadowScythe General
  • Birthday gifts: free inventory/friend list spaces* + space caps increased
  • Free AdventureCoins
  • Achievement tracker rewards: adventure zones + class variants
  • Unlock Noxus' armor, helm, and pet
  • Unlock for Sepulchure's helm
  • and more!

* The free inventory, bank, and friend list spaces are confirmed... and free house spaces if the gods of Lore are with us (planned, in testing now). 

The number of free spaces will be announced next week, along with whether the free house inventory spaces will be possible. Keep an eye on the Design Notes!

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