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May 24, 2013

The Legendary Blade

Battle to Build the Blade of Awe!

Quest throughout Lore to gather the pieces of the Blade of Awe! Every Hero in a fantasy game needs a weapon strong enough to save the world, and the enhancements attached to this blade will make sure no villain can withstand your might!

/Join Museum and talk to Valencia to head to the Crossroads. There you can begin the quest for the Blade of Awe! After you find each piece, make sure to head to the 2nd floor of the Museum, because you'll see the pieces of the Blade of Awe appear as you gather them!

Creating this legendary weapon unlocks the following shops:

  • Blade of Awe*
  • Gear of Awe (Battle pet, staff, spear, and daggers)
  • Awe Merge Shop (for the Prime versions)
  • Enhancements of Awe

How do I get the Evolved Weapons of Awe?!

And if you love how much AQW's art has improved since 2008, you can ALSO quest to get the Evolved Weapons of Awe! Upgrade and talk to Valencia to begin the following quests... and to access the Member-only Guardian Dragon Battle Pet:

  • Evolve the Blade! 
  • Evolve the Staff!
  • Evolve the Daggers!
  • Evolve the Spear!

These quests will take Members on a journey through Lore battling the toughest beasts in the game!

How do I get the Guardian Blade of Awe?!

If you are a Guardian in the original AdventureQuest and have verified your Guardian account, then you can find the Guardian Patent resource in the AQ Verification shop! Once you've created the Blade of Awe,  use the Guardian Patent to:

  • Merge with the BoA to create the Guardian's Blade of Awe! 
  • Merge the Prime Blade of Awe into the Guardian's Prime Blade of Awe! 
  • Merge with the Guardian Dragon Battle Pet to create the Armored Guardian Dragon Battle Pet**

* The gem in the center will change to red before release.
** The Armored Guardian Dragon Battle Pet says snarky comments as it attacks!

Do Guardians get any other advantage?

Yes! Since the original Blade of Awe was crafted in AdventureQuest, we want to thank its supporters. The Guardian Stonewrit will be added to the Verification shop! Merge this in the Stonewrit Merge Shop and turn it in to complete the first quest for the Blade of Awe! 

Enhancements of Awe!

Create the Blade of Awe to unlock the Enhancements of Awe! These can be equipped on ANY weapon in your inventory (but we suggest trying them out with the Blade you've battled so hard to create). 

  • Spiral Carve - 2x damage, +10% crit rate for 10 seconds
  • Awe Blast - 1.3x damage, enemy damage -15%
  • Health Vamp - 1.5x damage heal for damage done
  • Mana Vamp - 1.5x damage, gain 10% mp
  • Powerword Die - Does 200 times your damage! POWERWORD DIEEEEEEEEE!*** 

These enhancements add new attacks to your weapon, but the specials will not happen every time you attack. Enhancements are available at levels 1,10,20,30,40, and 50. Level 40 and 50 Enhancements are Member-only.

Nulgath Featured Shop Update!

The Minotaur Maurader armor, helms, and weapons are now in Nulgath's Featured Artist Limited Time Shop!

Go Minotaur against Minotaur when you battle Graveclaw!

The update includes AC and Member versions of:

  • Mintaur Maurader Armor
  • Bull Minotaur Morph Helm
  • Cow Minotaur Morph Helm
  • Minotaur Smashers Axe
  • Dual Minotaur Smashers Axe

Server-wide Double Boost Weekend!

Log in any time until 12AM EST (midnight server time) Tuesday, May 28th, on ANY server to enjoy the DOUBLE XP BOOST weekend! Get DOUBLE experience points from any battle or quest... and if you're a Member, get 10% more REPUTATION when you play on Sir Ver or Evil Sir Ver! 

These boosts stack with the AC XP  and Rep Boosts available in the Class Shop in Battleon, so if you needed help leveling up, this is the weekend to play!

We will be doing more boosts in the future, too! Some of them smaller, some of them different. We can cycle between gold, exp, rep, or rank boosts! Member servers will always get MORE boosts than whatever is being offered on other servers. 

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