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January 12, 2017

Nulgath's Birthday Coming Soon

Next Friday, the ArchFiend Celebrates his Birthday!

All you Nulgath the ArchFiend fans... rejoice! Your ruler is returning, and bringing new gear for his birthday rares shop! 

He's taking one of the most popular sets from his Patreon account (Though AQWorlds is a family-friendly game, this link is not necessarily safe for work. Make sure you have your parent's permission to click this if you are under 18.) and hand-crafting an AQWorlds version.

Expect a new bank pet and Nulgath resource farming pet, as well!

New Farming Class Coming Soon!

Last year, when we released the rare Abyssal Angel class, we ALSO said we would have a new Nulgath-based farming class coming. At long last, the time is almost here! Designed by Sync, the class*** will be permanently available and will require a lot (a whooooooole lot) of farming! So stock up on your Diamonds, your Unidentified 13s, and prepare to get a new resource or two. This baby's going to be a fun one!

OverSoul Gear Arrives!

In honor of Nulgath's birthday, we will be adding some items from his game, OverSoul, to existing Nulgath-area quests as new rewards. A more comprehensive list will come next week.

** The image in the picture is from the Patreon account. The in-game variant will look slightly different.**
*** It will be renamed from the Void Warlord to avoid confusion with an existing, rare armor.

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