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November 11, 2014

November is Dragon Month

All Dragons, All Month Long in AQWorlds!

Dragons are some of the most powerful, majestic, and magical creatures on Lore... and hands-down one of the most popular monsters in-game to battle for or against. We LOVE featuring them in releases because if any of Lore's denizens deserves an entire month devoted to celebrating them, it's dragons!

Ektorax the Ancient waits for you next Friday!

That's why we've got a dragon's lair-sized batch of content coming your way showcasing your favorite beasts to slay (or save, for you dracomancers)! Check out the dragontastic lineup of gear coming your way:

Draconic DoomKnight AC Package

Starting this Friday, November 14, at 12:01 AM, buy any AC package of $10 USD or more (that's the 2000, 5000, or 12,000 AC packages) to unlock the Draconic DoomKnight gear! Get ALL the details in this Design Notes post!

  • Get the 4 armor set item with the 2000 AC package
  • Get 6 items with the 5000 AC package
  • Get all 11 items with the 12000 AC package

Dragon's Dawn and Limited Quantity Sets

NEXT Friday, November 21, 2014, we will release the Dragon's Dawn: Hunt for the Ancients dungeon crawl and world hunt release to celebrate the imminent release of our newest mobile game: AQ:Dragons!

After you're doing battling to secure the future of the Great Dragons' bloodlines, check out the gear in our Dragon's Dawn Limited Quantity Shop!

The first LQS gear preview comes from from AQWorlds' artist Memet,** and showcases the Sheng Chi Guardian! When she jumps into battle in online MMOs, she rolls with a horde of Trollish monks. After all the dark dragon gear we've been releasing recently, she was inspired to create gear that would speak to the monks and mages among you as we prepare for all the battles and wars set to erupt over the next few weeks.

Also featured in next week's Limited Quantity Sets:

  • the Dragon's Altar House
  • Dage's Underworld Skull House
  • the ShadowWyrm and BrightWyrm pets

** She is now officially AQWorlds' DragonLady, having almost-singlehandedly created the majority of November's Dragon-themed gear these last few weeks!

2015 Calendar: Chrono DragonKnight Class

The 2015 Calendar should arrive this week or next, and will start shipping soon! Keep an eye on the Design Notes for the Chrono DragonKnight Class Skills breakdown, and keep checking HeroMart for news on the exact release date!

The 2015 Calendar is FULL of some of the most amazing art we've ever made (seriously, the work Dage, Oishii, Thyton, and the other team members have done is incredible), and I am so glad we have 12 months of it to look forward to! 

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