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December 30, 2015

New Year Attack on Northpointe!

The Queen of Monsters is ready for battle in 2016... are you?

2016 is starting off with a bang.. and blasts… and an attack on Northpointe by the Queen of Monsters’ new Captain, Goregrim! The forces of Good, Evil, and Chaos will need to come together, or Northpointe WILL fall!

Starting TONIGHT, log into AQWorlds and /join grimattack to begin the Defense of Northpointe! Quest to unlock different versions of Memet's Fènnù de Hóuzi gear depending on your alignment.

You'll also be able to re-play through all our previous New Year's events! Check out the New Year's events guideon the Lorepedia!

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And don't miss the New Year's 2016 Rares shop from Tana! You'll be able to find that in your Game Menu starting Wednesday night.

New Year Servers Boosts are LIVE!

Tis the season to be giving... that's why we've doubled the Class Points, Reputation, Gold, and XP rewards on the servers until Monday, January 2nd! When you're not /partying, /cheering on the new year, or celebrating with family and friends, log in and BATTLE ON, because there's no better time to level up!


Holiday Rares and Events leaving soon!

The Frostval Limited Quantity Packages leave this THURSDAY, January 7th. The Frostval events and Quibble Shop leave Friday, January 8th! The New Year's events and Rares shop will leave January 31st.

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