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December 30, 2013

Battle to the New Year

Replay Our Previous New Year's Events Now!

New Year's Eve is a time to make resolutions, vows, and promises to protect those you love and care for... and if you want to see New Year's morning, you're going to have to FIGHT! Log in now to battle your way through all our past New Year's releases, and make sure that tomorrow never dies!

Tinsel's Gifts Open January 1st!

Chaos has been wreaking havoc all across Lore... and that includes time itself! That is why our New Year's story release arrives this Friday... but a lot is happening this Wednesday, January 1st! 

  • Tinsel's presents open, so make sure you've finished her quests before then to get the 0 AC Frost King and Queen armor sets!
  • When the Countdown to New Year's Limited Time Shop counter hits 0:00, the New Year's 2014 Rares shop will arrive! (Evolved Fiend, Sapphire Mage, and more!) The Countdown to New Year's shop will remain in-game for another 24-48 hours to give everyone a chance to get the last few item additions.

Join Us This Friday for a New Year's Nightmare!

Before the new year can dawn, the sun must rise… but when no one sees the Steeds of Night and Day chasing each other across the sky, the denizens of Dwarfhold Mountain know something is very wrong! As night continues to reign, you must quest to discover why Frostmane’s nightmare has become your reality!

Frost King set and the New Year's Nightmare event

A host of new rewards in the event and rares shop are on the horizon, including:

  • Evolved Fiend armor
  • Starlight weapon series
  • Moonlight weapon series
  • Sapphire Elite Mage set
  • And more!
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