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November 01, 2011

BattleCard Mod Packs

Available NOW in stores and online!

The MOD PACKS for our crazy-awesome AQWorlds card game are officially in U.S. based Toys"R"Us stores! If you live outside the U.S. they are now available in HeroMart and ready to ship anywhere!

Each mod pack includes the complete set of either 13 Doom or Chaos cards, an exclusive item (Vordred's Sword or the Chaos Eye Pet), and half of the PaladinSlayer class. And if you combine both halves of the class, you will create... the full PaladinSlayer Class!

Many cards to choose from like:

  • Heart Swap - trade health points with your opponent!
  • ... On a Bonemuncer - +1 to damage
  • Your Shoe's Untied - Prevent a single Block, Trap, or Counter
  • And many more epic and sneaky strategy opportunities

With one MOD PACK you'll be able to buff, debuff, and Trap your opponent into hours more fun. With both of the packs, that could turn into DAYS of card-clashing, damage-dealing, block-bashing, Chaos-causing FUN!

For more information, cool pictures, and rockin' videos, check out this Information Page!

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