Design Notes

May 13, 2013

Mirror Gear Galore

In the Mirror Realm, the Gear Wears You!

This Friday is the final update to Quibble Coinbiter's Mirror Realm shop! Check below for preview pictures of what you can expect to find in his shop and throughout this Friday's release:

You are Lore's DOOM!

  • Doom of Lore Armor 
  • Doom of Lore Helm
  • 3 Doom of Lore Capes 
  • Doom of Lore Blade
  • Destiny Kitten pet

  • 3 Mirror Blades of Nulgath
  • Mirror Caladbolg Blade (Globdalac Blade?!)
  • Mirror Nulgath Ascendant Armor (Mirror of Nulgath Larva)
  • Mirror Nulgath Ascendant Helm
  • Mirror Nulgath Ascendant Cape

Shed some light on this battle!

  • Light Witch Armor
  • 3 Light Witch Helms
  • Light Witch Cape
  • Light Witch Wand

Tuesday Featured Artist: Mido!

Every Tuesday, AQWorlds releases a limited-time Featured Artist Showcase Shop loaded with items that an Artix Entertainment artist creates. Using his or her own style and flair, our wonderful artists create truly amazing Armors, Weapons, Helms, and other Items just for you! But these items are only available for 1 week, replaced the following week by another artist’s items. Stay tuned for his Design Notes spotlight tomorrow!

Mother's Day 2013 Shop Still Open!

Find the 2013 Mother's Day Shop in your Dragon Menu. The Mother's Day Shop released yesterday (hi mom!) and will be available for at least a week, and inside it you'll find:

Choose the right gift for the occasion... or battlefield.

  • The Golden Roller 13
  • Mother's Day Bouquet 13
  • Fairy Godmother 13 pet
  • Undead Battle Bouquet +5
  • Dragon Flattener +5
  • Fiery Bone-quet 13
  • Icy Bone-quet 13
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